Demo Impressions – El Shaddai: Ascention of the Metatron

So apparently the Ignition Entertainment game made at Ignition Japan released in North America today on the Playstation 3 & Xbox 360. The demo is up on PSN & XBLA as well for everyone to try. My impressions from the demo are after the break.
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First Impressions ~ Splinter Cell 3D

splinter cell boxart

So, I bought a Nintendo 3DS and Splinter Cell the other day. I must admit that the game is pretty good. I have played for a total of about 4 hours so far. The controls I thought were going to be horrible, but once you get used to them, they’re easy to use. It takes some getting used to, but I am still not used to jumping on the game. I find the jumping being the hardest part of the controls. The game incorporates many features you would expect along with many of the gadgets you would expect. Now I will drop into some positives and negatives of the game, from what I have seen so far.

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Dead Island hands on preview (G4TV)

With the launch of Dead Island around the corner (September 6th 2011), if you’re a fan of zombie killing games, you’ll probably enjoy this game. I myself am huge into games like Dead Rising. Below is part of a hands on preview of Dead Island, provided by… Hope you enjoy!

Dead Island. Its debut trailer was heralded as one of the most daring and emotionally-charged of all time. The slow, somber music – which I’m listening to even now as I type this preview – was even a small meme for a time, covered by Toby Turner of literal video game trailers fame and inserted into Lord of the Rings. And damn if it doesn’t make me tear up just thinking about it.

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First Impression: Shadows of the Damned

So one of the first games on PS3 to interest me in a while for a purchase has to be Shadows of the Damned. I definitely heard good things from online friends, but I wasn’t willing to just drop sixty bucks on something I may not like. My worries were soon put to rest once I played the game, although I picked it up from Ebay. These are my first impressions…
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Initial Impressions of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (3DS)

Today I bought Lego Pirates of the Caribbean for the 3DS. It was kind of hard to decide if I wanted to go with the handheld version or go with one of the HD versions, and I decided to go with the 3DS version after I learned that the 3DS version was the same as the Wii version with better lighting.

After opening it and popping it into my 3DS, once I got to the first, the 3D impressed me, though the cutscenes were pre-rendered, meaning there was slight pixelation during some of the scenes but for the most part it wasn’t noticeable. Also, I was impressed by the music quality, it sounded like I was listening to the actual movie soundtrack and this carries on during gameplay as well. It also started with the usual charm that all Lego games have, so if you have played them before you know what to expect in terms of humour and charm.

Now once I was into the actual game itself, the 3D effect added a nice touch with its depth, making it easier to navigate around and tell where stuff is.

After getting through the initial tutorial which was quick and learning the simple control method, I was into a duel with Captain Jack Sparrow and overall I found the duel to be rather easy and a bit boring with a bit of humour, so far this is my only complaint about the game but it could just be an easy duel to start with. The duel consisted of me mashing B then inputting a button sequence to knock off a heart out of Jack’s life, then doing it again to end the duel.

Now when I got to actual combat, it was much better, as you can fight with your weapon or long ranged weapon (Jack has a pistol and Will has a throwing sword).

Overall from the first bit, it is your typical Lego game which is a good thing. The gameplay is fun and not dull outside of duels so far and judging by the looks of things, you need to unlock certain characters to access different areas in the game, so there looks to be a lot of replay value forthcoming.

If you have a 3DS and like Lego games, do not pass this one up.

Tower Defense: Lost Earth Beta – Preview

This is a beta of an upcoming ios game called Tower Defense: Lost Earth from ©Com2us. As you may have guessed from the title its a tower defense game but from this video you can see footage to be the judge.

I will have more to come.

Playing with Hachiko on Nintendogs + Cats

I decided to do a quick video of playing with my Nintendog named Hachiko (after the loyal Japanese dog that is his namesake)

Hachiko does some funny and cute things. This game is definitely an improvement over the original. It recognizes voice way better and the graphics are just nice to look at. The 3D is pretty cool too.

So I played the 3DS today…

I’ve been calling Best Buy for like two weeks now trying to find out when they would have a 3DS on their shelf. I called today and they finally had one so I headed out there.
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