So I played the 3DS today…

I’ve been calling Best Buy for like two weeks now trying to find out when they would have a 3DS on their shelf. I called today and they finally had one so I headed out there.

Anyway, when I saw the 3DS I was like, “damn, the blue looks pretty ugly.” I’ve seen the color on something else, it’s more like a teal color, but the metallic sheen of the system just looks bad and makes it look like a cheap piece of plastic. Pictures on the internet, and even the one I took above make the color look nice, but it just looks terrible. I decided I’m going to pick up the Cosmo Black system, which I heard looks more grey, but that’s fine with me. I originally wanted the Red 3DS that was revealed at E3, but knowing how the Blue looks Teal, the Red might look a bit like Pink.

I tried the Pilotwings demo. At first I couldn’t see the 3D effect, but this was because I am tall and the 3DS system wasn’t propped up very high as to allow children to play it.

The 3D effect in Pilotwings was kind of neat and I really could tell the different between me and a marker. However, it felt more like I was looking into a diorama than anything. I definitely preferred the 3D over the 2D. (I played with the slider back and forth)

However, I felt like I was playing Wii Sports Resort all over again, which I quickly got bored of. I liked the music and the graphics were pretty crisp, but it’s just not my kind of game. Maybe if it had a story mode with different characters? I can only take so many Mii’s before I get bored.

So now I will be picking up the Cosmo Black 3DS and Street Fighter IV at GameStop at Midnight. Then I will head to Toys R Us later that day to pick up Ridge Racer, Super Monkey Ball, Steel Diver, and Nintendogs Golden Retriever since they are having a sale on 3DS games.


About MidnightScott
I am a huge Nintendo fan, but I also own a PS3. I love video games, anime, music, movies, and the internet! The 3DS is really awesome and I'm looking forward to playing more fun and unique games in the future.

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