I got Last Window!

So I’m pretty sure that Nintendo of America has no intention of releasing Last Window here, so I ended up importing it from the UK. I really enjoyed the first game Hotel Dusk over 4 years ago, so I am really looking forward to this one.

3DS Release Dates Page

Today I finished working on a new separate page for the release dates of Nintendo 3DS games. The other page was all cluttered and ugly, and I decided to just have a separate page. I have to admit it looks much nice, but I am wondering what else it could use…maybe thumbnails of the boxarts of each game?

I put the publisher of the game as well as the release dates for each region, although I am missing most of the Australian release dates. Amazon is a big help in that, but they don’t have it in Australia.

Scroll over the Nintendo 3DS button near the top of the website and a menu will pop up with a link to the Release Dates page. I will periodically update it when new release dates surface or change. Let me know in the comments if you want to see something specific on the release dates page. Thanks!


Bit. Trip Saga headed to 3DS

Yes that is correct, the Bit. Trip series of games will be heading to the Nintendo 3DS, all six of them on one cartridge. They will of course support the 3D effect, hopefully not in a gimmicky way. Headaches will be abound soon enough I bet.

Leaked Game: Need for Speed: The Run trailer

Well, looks pretty interesting. Reminds me of a racing game with missions or something. Coming November 18, 2011 (in Europe anyway).

Beyond the Labyrinth screens/info

– 3D dungeon RPG
– young girl as a main characte
– director is tri-Ace’s Takayuki Suguro
– produced by Konami’s Shingo Mukaitouge
– published by Konami
– article features artwork of a young girl
– story will center on her
– name was not confirmed, nor did the interview reveal if this girl is the main character
– girl will talk a lot
– visuals and world view are being made bright
– game features ruins and similar locations
– girl wears her blonde hair in a ball
– developed to be a major draw for the 3DS
– 60% complete
– no release date

Wow, this game looks really amazing! It really reminds me of Fragile Dreams on the Wii with the art style it’s going for. Hopefully Konami deems this worthy to bring to the US or we’ll have to start hounding XSEED to do it. Official website can be found here.

Source: NeoGAF

Dead Or Alive Dimensions Gameplay

So excited for this game. Gonna be out a month from now and I hope it’s even better than Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition was!

Tales of the Abyss heading stateside!

Yay, finally we get confirmation that Tales of the Abyss is coming to North America. I have never played a Tales game and have trouble getting into RPG’s unless I devote all of my attention to them, so I am definitely going to try with this game. Now all we need to know is when it is coming out, although I suspect this fall!