First Impression: Shadows of the Damned

So one of the first games on PS3 to interest me in a while for a purchase has to be Shadows of the Damned. I definitely heard good things from online friends, but I wasn’t willing to just drop sixty bucks on something I may not like. My worries were soon put to rest once I played the game, although I picked it up from Ebay. These are my first impressions…
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I got Shadows of the Damned

Despite my dislike of shooters in general, I’ve been watching videos of this game on YouTube. The writing and characters are hilarious, something that you can always expect with a Suda51 game. I hope I enjoy this, and I think I probably will.

Enlarge Your Johnson with Shadows of the Damned

What is it with Grasshopper and their dirty humor…Oh Japan…:P The game is due out June 21st in North America and on June 24th in Europe. It’s a Third Person Shooter, so it might be pretty cool.