Demo Impressions – El Shaddai: Ascention of the Metatron

So apparently the Ignition Entertainment game made at Ignition Japan released in North America today on the Playstation 3 & Xbox 360. The demo is up on PSN & XBLA as well for everyone to try. My impressions from the demo are after the break.

So before I knew what El Shaddai was, I decided to look it up on wikipedia. Low and behold that the article wouldn’t due the game justice.

I started off playing as a character named Enoch, a typical anime pretty boy (bishounen?) Anyway, he is an angel sent from heaven to come to Earth and collect all the renegade angels and bring them back to Heaven.

The game is set up in a linear style; Enoch can jump, has a dash attack, is able to purify weapons after taking them from enemies, and he can then use them against said enemies. Weapons seem to vary anywhere from swords to shooting projectiles, and probably a lot more than what is shown in the demo. You will basically be doing a lot of platforming, with enemies and simple obstacles to destroy among your path to returning to heaven. There are some holes that you will have to jump over too, which can be a bit clunky as the controls respond very easily to your movement of the analog stick.

The enemies in the game range from blobs to having characteristics of humans. You can take their weapons from them and use them against them, which is really cool and can help you defeat the main enemies quickly.

Now I think the main draw to the game is probably going to be the art style. The game uses slightly cel-shaded character models, and very simple but color moving backgrounds. Think of it kind of like Okami, but everything on the screen is kind of moving as if you were in a dream. I really think it has an interesting design this way, which may be what some gamers are looking for.

I think I’ll have to give the demo a few more tries before I decide whether I want to purchase this game. Definitely give the demo a try though, because I hear the demo is set up as much as the game instead of being different which is sometimes the case.

We rarely get to experience neat games such as this, so I definitely would recommend people to check it out! Thanks for reading.

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