Rumor: Xenoblade NA finished & The Last Story in progress

Coming from our friends at Operation Rainfall…

NTSC Xenoblade Finished Prior to E3 Nintendo of America Sitting on Announcement

July 7, 2011

American localization of Xenoblade is complete, The Last Story is currently being translated to English for an American release, but there is no word on Pandora’s Tower localization. This information was disclosed to Operation Rainfall today from a source within Nintendo who wishes to remain anonymous. There is currently no indication of when Nintendo of America plans to formally announce these titles.

Last week Nintendo of America told its followers on Facebook and Twitter that it had no plans to bring Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s tower to America “at this time.” Nintendo intentionally left open the possibility of release. Allegedly, the Redmond, WA branch has been working with other branches to bring Xenoblade and The Last Story to North America.

The NSTC version of Xenoblade was completed just over a month ago. Testing for the PAL and NSTC versions of The Last Story are allegedly beginning in around a month. There is currently no word on localization for an NSTC version of Pandora’s Tower.

Remember, this information was disclosed to Operation Rainfall in confidence. Until Nintendo of America makes an announcement there will be no official word of an NTSC release. However, this news has increased our hope for a North American release of these games. It could also explain why retailers like Amazon continue to have Xenoblade (Monado: Beginning of the World) listed on their website.

Make of this information what you will, but after much internal discussion Operation Rainfall believed it would be best to share this information with our followers. Consider this our announcement of a forthcoming announcement.

Help us keep the pressure on Nintendo, and hopefully we will get a formal announcement of Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower sooner rather than later.

This would be great news if it were true, but please just take it as a rumor for now. However, we are literally two months away from the European release of Xenoblade (if it isn’t being bumped up to August 19th as rumored earlier). It would be wonderful if Nintendo was just waiting for the right time to announce this, then all of our worries would be set aside. I really hope this ends up being true, because I want to support the NA release of the game if possible.

Nintendo has yet to announce their Quarter 3 lineup, so if these games are coming, one would think we would at least get a date for Xenoblade then.

More hope for Xenoblade in the US

I do not know if you’re going to like it. I do not know if you all will even understand what it means. But here goes.

First off: LINK to US Patent and Trademark Filing on Monado. This is a mark owned by Nintendo that was filed a good while ago. In fact, Nintendo has gone through a good number of hoops with this trademark filing. If you scroll down, you can see the procedural history. The first thing that stood out to me was this:

Current Status: A third request for extension of time to file a Statement of Use has been granted.
Date of Status: 2011-06-15

Yep, that approval just happened today. In short, Nintendo has filed its trademark and has gotten all of its ducks in a row. There is just one filing missing from having the Trademark enter the principle register. They filed their third request for an extension on the 10th, and it was accepted on the 15th of this month. This is a good thing because Nintendo is not letting this mark die. Failure to file an extension = abandonment of the mark.

What does this mean to me the gamer?
First off, there is no similar filing for the name “Xenoblade.” That isn’t to say this cannot happen in the future. It does not mean you can go make a filing in the principle register (for $335 plus attorneys fees) for a trademark on Xenoblade — Nintendo would just laugh at you in court and win because they’ve had prior use of it for over a year now. But this could mean that the game might actually be released as “Monado, Beginning of the World” here in the USA. It might not be, but the door is still open.

Second, a lot of you are probably wondering what a “Statement of Use” is. Believe it or not, it’s actually very simple: the Patent and Trademark office needs to see some use of the mark in commerce (such as advertisements, in stores, etc) before registration for the mark will be complete. So Nintendo is at least keeping the Monado mark alive, and once it is used in commerce it will officially be a part of the principle register with all of the rights etc. that having a trademark allows. Well, that, or Nintendo is enjoying spending the $115 filing fee + attorney fees for each extension just to taunt America.

What else do I need to know?
Just to be debbie downer for a second: anyone needing to file a Statement of Use after after receiving a Notice of Allowance (an acknowledgement by the USPTO that the filant has a “bona-fide good intention to use the mark in commerce” but has not done so yet) may file a maximum of five extensions of time to file a SoU. Each extension is for 6 months. That means Nintendo has a one and a half year window to use Monado in commerce before it abandons the mark by operation of law. So we could be looking at a release as late as December 10, 2012…if at all.

Also, don’t read too much into the big bunch of language under “Goods and Services.” That’s just part of the gamut of language that’s required by Nintendo to cover their bases for how they’re planning on using the mark.

Finally, if you look around the page and at the documents that have been filed you’ll see that ongoing effort is listed as “product or service research or development.” That could mean any number of things, but in the video game universe I’d wager that it is Nintendo’s way of telling the USPTO that the game is still in development. Notice the “or”s.

TL;DR: So there you have it. This is as good of confirmation as you’re going to get that Monado, Beginning of the World/Xenoblade is alive in North America. Of course, that does not necessarily mean that it will be released.

Well that’s really good to hear that the game will come here. I don’t know why people thought they would reveal it at E3; Nintendo will probably reveal it at their next conference in the Fall. At least I probably won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to import from Europe. ^_^

Source: IGN Forums

Rumor: The Last Story headed to Europe

Our James McWhirter from over at the 3DS Tribe has some juicy gossip for us straight from the London MCM. Upon questioning the Nintendo representatives there this weekend, James was able to learn that we can expect to see The Last Story (Wii) released in Europe! It’s nice to see them change their minds about not releasing it here.

This should be taken with a grain of salt. With E3 just a little over a week away, I fully expect Nintendo to announce it at their conference. There is no way they would spend all of that money localizing big RPGs like Xenoblade & The Last Story and only release them in one territory. However, I can’t see them releasing them that close to each other either. Xenoblade, according to voice actors is headed to Europe & North America in September, although America hasn’t heard an official announcement as of this post.

I’m sure this rumor is likely to be more true than false since the Wii doesn’t have too much of a life left and hardly any scheduled games. Lets just wait for E3 everyone!

Source: JRPG Tribe