Xenoblade Chronicles get!

My copy of Xenoblade Chronicles arrived from Europe today. As you probably already know, the game has already been released all over the world, with no plans to release it in North America. The game is said to be a 100 hour RPG just for the main game, so I know this one will last me a while. I hope I enjoy this, and I am sure I will since this is my first RPG on the Wii other than Pokémon.

Xenoblade Chronicles – the first 10 minutes

What you are about to see is the first 10 minutes of the English version of Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii. The game is due out in Europe on August 19th. If you have hacked your Wii for import games, you will be able to play this game. There are several websites out there who have it for preorder, I used 365games.co.uk – This game is unlikely to come out in North America any time soon though. So if you want it, import it.