Tomb Raider E3 2011 Gameplay Trailer

Source: IGN

Microsoft E3 Conference Summary

Well now that the conference is over, time for me to post my summary of the conference for all of those that missed it. I didn’t sleep well last night, so if the writing seems off, it is because my brain wasn’t functioning. enjoy!

– came in late due to sleeping in and having to do stuff.

– Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is being played, we are in a submarine. Graphics and physics look to be improved over Modern Warfare 2. Oh awesome
they leave the submarine and into a hover craft where there is a full out naval war going on with airstrikes from jets. Big explosion from blowing up a ship
with a gun. Looks to be a very fun stage in the game. Ends with driving the hovercraft into an Chinook Helicopter and seeing New York burning.

– Don Mattrick on the stage. Talks a bit about Xbox 360, nothing interesting from him.

– Crystal Dynamics on stage to show off the new Tomn Raider game. First off, the game is gorgeous. We’re seeing gameplay for the first time and it is very
Unchartd like. Going through a cave, very great lighting effects. We come up to a portion at were Lara is attacked from behind and a quick time event ensues.
Lara can use her survival instincts to highlight pieces of the area to find out how to escape, this is almost the same thing as detective mode in Batman
Arkham Asylum, just without the X-Ray vision. The cave is starting to fall apart and the music is giving it a very dynamic sense of danger and urgency. Finally Lara
escapes the cave and she is all bloodied. Ends with a overshot of the land and we shipwrecked ships. Overall I am very impressed by the game and it
looks to be an amazing game

-Peter Moore is up from EA. Tiger Woods, Madden, Fifa and 1 more will support Kinect. Sims and Hasbro Family Games Night will support Kinect.
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