Music Of The Day: Star Fox (NES) – Corneria – 06.15.11

Another good, old retro game…ok, it’s not THAT old, but hey. All shooter fans and spaceship flying gamers all know the title Star Fox. With that, I present on the most famous songs in its genre, and I personally added a little more guitar and 8-bit-ity 9_9 to make it sound genuine, so yeah. Staaaaay Tuuuuuned!

New Star Fox 64 3D details

Nintendo held their retailer briefing today and we have some news coming in about Star Fox 64 3D. An attendee from the Tsutaya retailer in Shibuya provided details at the shop’s twitter.

-The game has 3DS mode, N64 mode and Battle mode
-In 3DS mode, you use the gyro sensor to control yrour shop
-Battle mode supports four players
-Battle mode will support download play
-The game will not have online play via Wi-Fi Connection
-During combat, your face is shown as an icon, allowing for easy identification of who’s who.

Star Fox 64 3D is due for release on July 14 in Japan.