Star Fox 64 3D GET!

Well I finally couldn’t take it anyone and picked up Star Fox 64 3D today. I’ve been watching a lot of videos and it just looked so fun. Too bad it doesn’t have online play though. I hope I enjoy this 🙂

Iwata Asks: Star Fox 64 3D now available

Iwata: What did you like about Kyoto?

Dylan: Well…

Miyamoto: (whispering) The girls?

Dylan: Well, yes. I was 18, so especially that. (laughs)

The Iwata Asks interview for Star Fox 64 3D is now available to read here. Be sure to check it out, it’s a great read about the history behind Star Fox. I’ll try to post these more often now, sorry about all of the past interviews I skipped.

Star Fox 64 3D will be available for Nintendo 3DS on September 9th in North America and Europe, followed by a release in Australia on September 15th.

Star Fox 64 3D Trailer

I never got to experience the original game and I didn’t get it on the Wii VC. I am glad it is coming to the 3DS. The new gyroscopic controls make it look more fun. The game is due out September 9th in North America.

Star Fox 64 3D controls trailer

Holy crap the game looks totally amazing on the 3DS. The gyroscope controls will also be really intuitive, just like they are in Ocarina of Time 3D which I have been playing a ton of! Too bad we have to wait until September 11th to get our hands on this awesome looking remake for the 3DS! 😀