Music Of The Day: DKC – Boss Battle Boogie – 06.16.11

Ever been to a rave party with a couple monsters, a huge ape, and TONS of bananas? I know I have. But putting that aside, many enjoy the classical game know as Donkey kong Country, and even more love the music of it. However, there are always a few songs overlooked that are amazing and a little creepy. The song presented is one of those, played for nearly ever boss in the game…now to get some sleep…or go to a party ūüėČ Staaaaay Tuuuuuned!

Music Of The Day: Star Fox (NES) – Corneria – 06.15.11

Another good, old retro game…ok, it’s not THAT old, but hey. All shooter fans and spaceship flying gamers all know the title Star Fox. With that, I present on the most famous songs in its genre, and I personally added a little more guitar and 8-bit-ity 9_9 to make it sound genuine, so yeah. Staaaaay Tuuuuuned!

Music Of The Day: Mega Man 2 – Bubbleman Stage – 06.14.11

Ah…well I’m back after having a bit of computer trouble. Anyway, with the retro section slowly evolving, I wanted to make a nice ‘fluid flow’ to my next new sheet music upload of Mega Man 2’s Bubbleman Stage. See what I did there. Enjoy the rockin’ yet smooth watery remix of the stage. Staaaaay Tuuuuuned!

Music Of The Day: Sonic The Hedgehog – Stage Compilation – 06.08.11

With Nintendo finished (pretty much) showing their new stuff for the Wii U & 3DS, one of the most well known new releases for the 3DS will be Sonic Generations. With that, I present all the stage music (besides the special stage) from the original Sonic The Hedgehog game. The music it contains is diverse and enjoyable for all age groups, gamers, and non-gamers alike. Enjoy and Stay Tuned!