Senran Kagura gameplay footage

Hey guys, I just took a recording of Senran Kagura using my Logitech webcam. Sorry that the quality is so bad, but I guess the camera really can’t capture that kind of footage like I was hoping. I think I’ll stick to my iPhone for now until I get a quality video camera to shoot footage with.

Senran Kagura GET!

Senran Kagura for the 3DS is finally here. If you don’t know, the game is about scantily clad Ninja high school girls. It’s a sidescrolling beat-em-up and you can also dress up the girls however you want. I’ll try and shoot footage of the game, but no promises. – pics of the manual after the break.
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Senran Kagura – voice actors playing the game

Asami Imai, the hostess of the segment is the game’s Ikaruga character. Hitomi Harada is the voice of the Asuka character. Senran Kagura is due out in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS on September 22nd. I have already ordered my copy from NCSX, so I will shoot footage/impressions sometime after release. 🙂

Senran Kagura trailer

Totally gonna import this when I get my Japanese 3DS 🙂

Senran Kagura first trailer

The game actually doesn’t look too bad. At first when I saw the screenshots, it kind of looked bland. Now that there is a video I see how colorful and “bouncy” the game is. It actually doesn’t look like too bad of a game, a hack-n-slash of sorts. The game is due out in Japan on September 22. I wonder if it will be brought over to North America?