[UPDATE] Sonic Generations stages/bosses/characters/items leaked from demo

A Sonic fansite has either hacked the demo or reverse engineered it into finding out what stages will be in the final game.

I have embedded them after the break because it will be considered major spoilers for some people.
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Papo&Yo info and trailer

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Capcom not brining Megaman Legends to PSN

Those looking forward to seeing the blue bomber on PSN will have to look elsewhere. During a QA, Capcom USA VP, Christian Svensson answered a fan question about Megaman Legends appearing on Sony’s Playstation Network and revealed it won’t be released due to IP issues:

“For example, there are games in our catalogue that have logos or other things that would be identifiable as other people’s I.P. without permission, and either due to historical litigation or fear of potential future litigation, sometimes we aren’t allowed to use those.

“Other things, like for example you had voicework in the game, but the voice actor… Within the scope of the contract that was there, either the contract is lapsed in terms of its term or the contract never defined that digital distribution was an allowable use for their work etcetera. So voice acting, scores, soundtracks, middleware contracts all have to have the same stuff there.

“In some cases, the company that we did things with is gone, but that doesn’t mean that somebody doesn’t own the rights and couldn’t come after us, so in the name of having to protect ourselves, sometimes these things are not going to be able to be put up again, and in the case of the emulations, we can’t make changes to the content, so there’s no way to just sort of remove it and just have it be up there.

“The net result is, in the case of Legends, unfortunately Legends isn’t going to be able to be up there; it failed an I.P. sweep and a contract check.”

Another blow to Megaman fans after Capcom announced Legends 3 prototype was delayed. Fear not, there is still a chance to play the handheld PSP games. We should expect more news in the near future.


PlayStation Network Restoration begins

Sony has decided to start allowing people to reconnect to PlayStation Network now. However, they are doing it in a limited capacity doing each territory one at a time as to keep stress off the system.

Right now, I believe all PSN users can update their systems to the latest firmware, but you can’t do anything else until the service is up fully in your region. You will be prompted to change your password once you are able to sign in to the network.

Sony has put a map up on their website showing which regions have the service back, but service may not be fully up even though the regions are highlighted. You can see the map here but the site is getting hammered so it may take a while to gain access to it.