The Wonderful Wonderful 101 Boxart

The boxart for the game was posted on Amazon, and look how awesome it looks! I am so excited to finally get some Wii U games, I’m glad the 3DS is around to hold the fort down.

The Wonderful 101 dated for North America & Europe

During the Nintendo Direct conference today, Nintendo announced the release dates for Platinum Game’s Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101. The game will launch first in Europe on August 23rd, and in North America on September 15th.

I’m really looking forward to this game as it was one of the first revealed for Wii U. I am still angry at Nintendo for largely ignoring the Wii U when they have promised time after time that there would not be any software droughts. However, I hope the game is worth all the wait!

Anarchy Reigns delayed to January 2012

Platinum Games today announced that Anarchy Reigns known as Max Anarchy in Japan has been delayed worldwide until January 2012. The game was originally due for release this Fall, but was pushed back for an unknown reason. Perhaps it is to give them more development time, or the release schedule is going to be packed this year?