Rumor: Massive Project Cafe details

First things first, although these rumors may seem almost true (and too good to be true), I kind of get the feeling that some of it may actually be real. However, since we are two days away, I don’t expect anyone to believe this rumor stuff. Several more things such as the controller and games will be posted after the break. I am really excited, I can’t believe we will finally see and hear about the new Nintendo console on Tuesday, and perhaps the true name? ūüėÄ

The System
* Uses a custom IBM triple-core CPU running at 3.6GHz per core
* The development kit contains 1gb RAM, but Nintendo have hinted that the console will actually have 1.5gb
* Nintendo will be releasing games that will run 1080p natively. Sources say that with Nintendo‚Äôs art style and the power the system has, the games look ‚Äėstunning‚Äô.
* The system does run on AMD R700 card, but the architecture is slightly different and the clock speeds are much higher.
* The System resembles JPN/EU SNES machines in color only and not in shape
* The development kit is about the size of a 360, not the console
* Close sources say it‚Äôs as if Nintendo is in ‚Äúdamage control‚ÄĚ with 3rd party developers.
* Nintendo is trying really hard to get 3rd parties on board to develop games and have offered incentives such as not releasing big-title Nintendo games in holiday seasons to compete against 3rd party titles.
* Nintendo went to many 3rd party developers on guidance on what they were after with the new console in terms of system specs, controller and online system.

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