Update: More developer quotes on Wii U

“I was very excited. It is a new way of engaging gamers. It is a new way of broadening the audience of gamers in the future. It is absolutely exciting. This new console will allow us with our key franchises from LEGO to Batman to really shine in new ways.” – Martin Tremblay, the President of Warner Bros interactive

“We will be supporting the Wii U. You bet against Nintendo at your peril.” – Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg

“I can’t say we are going to do it on the Wii U, but you can imagine what we could do with that controller in the Mass Effect universe. It feels like a really nice fit, but we’ll announce that when the time is right.” – EA Games chief Frank Gibeau

“There’s always a possibility. If Nintendo’s fan base increases, especially in terms of hardcore games, then yes. Machine performance-wise, it can handle it.” – Itagaki

“We’ll always look at any new platform, and this is no different. iOS has been fantastic for us on iPad with the touch screen and we’ll seriously consider anything in that vein. We’re not making any promises, but we’re excited by anything like that.” – TellTale’s Kevin Boyle

“Obviously we did have talks with Nintendo early on – they approached us with the Wii U. We can’t say exactly when this happened or what kind of talks we’ve had but we were aware of the hardware and we’ve been looking at it. We are very much thinking about possibilities with the Wii U and it looks like a very fun system. As for whether we’ll have something at launch for the Wii – we can’t say that. Probably not, but we definitely have things in mind. We’re also looking at the public reaction. If there are enough people who say they want us to bring something to the Wii U that also factors into things.” Kojima Productions Creative producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana

“The Nintendo market is a tough market for us to get into. A lot of first party games, a lot of licensed games – those are the ones that have done the best on that platform. I’d love it if we can get a hardcore FPS community going and build on it, but it’s tough. I think we should keep our toes where we know best” – id’s Tim Willits

“What’s really excited excited me as a developer with the new controller is the plethora of new options you have. You have the touchscreen and the controller all in one. One thing that’s really cool about this new tablet controller is that you have the ability to have asymmetrical gameplay. So one player can be doing one thing while another player can be doing something else on the TV. One player can be a doctor and he’s sitting there operating on the controller while there’s a EMT (emergency medical technician) in an ambulance having to pick up patients to the doctor. I want to see what other developers make so I can enjoy it.” 5th Cell’s Jonathan Slaczka

“I was surprised quite frankly because it seemed that there were a lot of gamers and a lot of creative directors who were saying: ‘this is what we want’. It seems like Nintendo heard the voices of the hardcore gamer. What I was most surprised about the Nintendo controller was the ability for it to stream content from wirelessly to the controller. When any new tech comes along you have a period of experimentation. I’m certainly excited about it as a gamer and seeing what’s going to come out.” Irrational Games’s Ken Levine

Mass Effect on Wii U would be great but the only problem is the original Mass Effect’s publishing rights belong to Microsoft, so as long as those rights belong to Microsoft, we would only see Mass Effect 2 and 3 at the most if it happened

Microsoft E3 Conference Summary

Well now that the conference is over, time for me to post my summary of the conference for all of those that missed it. I didn’t sleep well last night, so if the writing seems off, it is because my brain wasn’t functioning. enjoy!

– came in late due to sleeping in and having to do stuff.

– Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is being played, we are in a submarine. Graphics and physics look to be improved over Modern Warfare 2. Oh awesome
they leave the submarine and into a hover craft where there is a full out naval war going on with airstrikes from jets. Big explosion from blowing up a ship
with a gun. Looks to be a very fun stage in the game. Ends with driving the hovercraft into an Chinook Helicopter and seeing New York burning.

– Don Mattrick on the stage. Talks a bit about Xbox 360, nothing interesting from him.

– Crystal Dynamics on stage to show off the new Tomn Raider game. First off, the game is gorgeous. We’re seeing gameplay for the first time and it is very
Unchartd like. Going through a cave, very great lighting effects. We come up to a portion at were Lara is attacked from behind and a quick time event ensues.
Lara can use her survival instincts to highlight pieces of the area to find out how to escape, this is almost the same thing as detective mode in Batman
Arkham Asylum, just without the X-Ray vision. The cave is starting to fall apart and the music is giving it a very dynamic sense of danger and urgency. Finally Lara
escapes the cave and she is all bloodied. Ends with a overshot of the land and we shipwrecked ships. Overall I am very impressed by the game and it
looks to be an amazing game

-Peter Moore is up from EA. Tiger Woods, Madden, Fifa and 1 more will support Kinect. Sims and Hasbro Family Games Night will support Kinect.
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