Kirby’s Return to Dream Land GET!

Well today Kirby’s Return to Dream Land for the Wii arrived! As you may already know, this game originally started out on the Gamecube way back in the day and had disappeared for many years until it resurfaced back in January. The game is more of a traditional style Kirby, except that it now adds multiplayer for up to 4 players. You can choose from Kirby, Waddle Dee, King Dedede, and Meta Knight! I haven’t played it yet but I’m looking forward to it as I love Kirby games!

Music Of The Day: Luigi’s Mansion – Outside & Inside The Mansion – 06.23.11

Even though I’m dead tired with cleaning the house, I needed to show something. And why not something to remind me of my dark and newly cleaned house, then the music found outside and inside the mansion from Luigi’s Mansion! Though more of a medley-styled remix, it is sure to get the attention of all mario, organ, and ghost-loving fans ūüôā Staaaaay Tuuuuuned!

Only one Wii U tablet, and no GC support…

The Nintendo Wii U tablet-style controller will not be sold separately from it new HD console, Nintendo has told CVG.

We asked a company spokesperson at the firm’s VIP stand at E3 2011 in Los Angeles today about the price of each item. He told us that there would only be one bundled RRP, adding: “Both the controller and the console will be sold as one unit. You won’t be able to buy the controller alone.”

The rep also told us that multiplayer games being created for the system are only being designed to accommodate one tablet-style controller, whilst other players will need to use a Wiimote. It is currently unknown whether it is possible to sync more than one of the new controllers to a single Wii U.

What, this is a real kick in the shin Nintendo. Why can’t we have more than one person playing, and why do we have to be stuck with the Wii Remote again?

The GameCube will not be compatible with the Wii U, Nintendo’s new system to be released in 2012, according to Nintendo of America Director of Public Relations Marc Franklin.

The system, originally released in 2001, was compatible with the Wii, and the Wii even featured GameCube controller and memory card ports. Certain Wii games used the GameCube controller ports, and some of them, such as Namco Bandai’s Active Life games required them. The latter games will likely not work with Wii U at all.

On the other hand, all Wii software and controllers will work with Wii U.

What the hell, I don’t want to play Smash Bros. with anything but the Gamecube controller. Come on Nintendo, don’t mess this up. Even the Classic Controller isn’t good enough for Smash Bros. So I guess this means the Wii U won’t be playing GC games, maybe as New Play Control remakes I have a feeling…

Sources: CVG, Nintendo World Report