Mario Kart 3DS demo gameplay

Wow, despite this being another Mario Kart game, I am really interested in it. I lost interest in the Wii game very quickly, but the DS game I still go back to and play every now and then. I can’t wait to have this in my 3DS this year, will be a lot of fun with the 8 player online with friends!

Super Mario 3D – demo gamplay with audio

While the demo doesn’t show anything really that exciting for the Mario series, it is a demo after all. I can’t wait to play Super Mario on my 3DS this year, it will be awesome!

Only one Wii U tablet, and no GC support…

The Nintendo Wii U tablet-style controller will not be sold separately from it new HD console, Nintendo has told CVG.

We asked a company spokesperson at the firm’s VIP stand at E3 2011 in Los Angeles today about the price of each item. He told us that there would only be one bundled RRP, adding: “Both the controller and the console will be sold as one unit. You won’t be able to buy the controller alone.”

The rep also told us that multiplayer games being created for the system are only being designed to accommodate one tablet-style controller, whilst other players will need to use a Wiimote. It is currently unknown whether it is possible to sync more than one of the new controllers to a single Wii U.

What, this is a real kick in the shin Nintendo. Why can’t we have more than one person playing, and why do we have to be stuck with the Wii Remote again?

The GameCube will not be compatible with the Wii U, Nintendo’s new system to be released in 2012, according to Nintendo of America Director of Public Relations Marc Franklin.

The system, originally released in 2001, was compatible with the Wii, and the Wii even featured GameCube controller and memory card ports. Certain Wii games used the GameCube controller ports, and some of them, such as Namco Bandai’s Active Life games required them. The latter games will likely not work with Wii U at all.

On the other hand, all Wii software and controllers will work with Wii U.

What the hell, I don’t want to play Smash Bros. with anything but the Gamecube controller. Come on Nintendo, don’t mess this up. Even the Classic Controller isn’t good enough for Smash Bros. So I guess this means the Wii U won’t be playing GC games, maybe as New Play Control remakes I have a feeling…

Sources: CVG, Nintendo World Report

Sonic Generations 3DS footage, looks awesome!

Wow, I was expecting the game to look like the Sonic Rush series. The game seems to look much better, I can’t wait to play it this year. We only have a few more months until Sonic Gemerations is released on PS3, 360, and on 3DS!

Iwata expects the Wii U to cost more than Wii

When Nintendo unveiled the Wii U yesterday at E3 2011, the system was applauded with great promise. However, Nintendo did not announce a release date, or one of the biggest details: the price.

Iwata has announced in an interview with the Japanese Nikkei newspaper, saying that Nintendo does not plan to sell the Wii U for the same price as the Wii. This could mean that the system would be significantly more than the original and will probably cost more than ¥20,000.

He also mentioned that Nintendo plans to continue supporting the Wii even after the Wii U is released, mentioning that the system will still be available for a limited time after.

Considering Nintendo didn’t announce Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, or many of the other games that haven’t left Japan, I could see them still supporting the Wii for a while with localized versions of these games.

Source: Andriasang

Zelda Wii U demo gameplay

Holy crap, that looks freaking amazing! Look at those crisp graphics and gameplay? I guess this means that a new Zelda game is in development for the Wii U? I would hope so, but I guess we won’t be seeing it for a few more years. Releasing it all at once would be criminal I think? Now this is what I’m talking about Nintendo, appeal to your huge gaming fanbase first!

The Rolling Western – a new IP from Nintendo for 3DS

Nintendo revealed a new IP for the Nintendo 3DS called The Rolling Western. It looks to feature an armadillo named Jiro rolling around the western plains, fighting enemies. It also seems to be a mix of a strategy or tower defense game, although details are scarce on the game. I’ll update this post if we get anymore info.

Animal Crossing Trailer

Originally it was thought that Animal Crossing for 3DS wasn’t actually in development. Now Nintendo released a trailer for the game at E3, but there is no other information available about the game.

Fly with McCloud in Star Fox 64 3D coming Sep. 11

Fox McCloud is Back in a Re-mastered Nintendo Classic

Star Fox 64™ 3D invites players to take on the role of legendary Fox McCloud as they lead a fearless squadron of fighters in fierce aerial combat to battle the evil forces of Andross and save the galaxy from destruction. The rich 3D visuals provide a remarkable sense of depth, distance and position as players dodge meteors and blast enemy fighters out of the sky.


* A complete graphical update brings a Nintendo classic into the era of portable 3D fun. The game makes effective use of the Nintendo 3DS system’s dual screens: The top screen features 3D aerial combat, while the bottom screen displays characters and dialogue.
* There are two control methods for the player to experience. The Nintendo 64 Mode offers original controls, while the new Nintendo 3DS Mode uses the motion controls of the built-in Gyro Sensor of the Nintendo 3DS system.
* Trusted wingmen Peppy, Slippy and Falco are along for the ride – if one of them is chased or captured by an enemy, players must act to protect them in order to keep their team strong.
* Each mission takes players through a different planet of the Lylat system as they blast enemies, collect power-ups and fight powerful bosses on their way to the final battle.
* A new multiplayer option lets up to four players engage in fierce aerial combat via a local wireless connection (using four systems and one game card via DS Download Play). The multiplayer mode also includes new power-ups and special weapons. Players can use the Nintendo 3DS system’s inner camera to display a live video feed of their faces as they battle, bringing a new level of fun and personalization to the multiplayer experience.

I have never once played Star Fox 64 on the Nintendo 64. I really missed out on lots of games back then because I didn’t follow news on the internet or have friends that really played games. I can’t wait to dig in with the new controls when it launches on September 11th!

Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Trailer

The Story that Became a Legend Now in 3D

The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time™ 3D brings a completely re-mastered version of this epic entry in the beloved The Legend of Zelda series to the Nintendo 3DS system. The game couples phenomenally enhanced graphics with stunning glasses-free 3D visuals to bring to life the daring adventures of its hero, Link™, in the epic tale of the creation of Hyrule and the struggle for control of its all-powerful ancient relic. A streamlined touch-screen interface and new motion controls give the game a fresh and intuitive feel. The game will also feature new challenges not included in the original game, as well as a new hint system to help novice players experience all that the game has to offer. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is a masterful improvement on one of the landmark moments in video gaming history.


* A graphically re-mastered Zelda classic now in glasses-free 3D – Dynamic glasses-free 3D visuals and a complete graphical overhaul bring one of gaming’s most beloved and celebrated franchises to life, putting the vivid world of Hyrule in the palm of your hand.
* Experience the foundation of the legend with new enhancements – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D retains the analog control of the original via the Circle Pad. Players can use motion controls by moving the Nintendo 3DS system to aim their slingshot or bow at an enemy with speed and accuracy. This also allows for seamless equipment and item changes with an added touch-based inventory system.
* Master Quest – Players who finish the main story can look forward to the Master Quest – a second quest with revamped puzzles and redesigned dungeons that feature the same graphical and interface upgrades as the main game.
* Hint movies – For the first time in a Zelda game, players can access a hint movie if they are stumped by a particular puzzle. Hint movies can be accessed by visiting the Sheikah Stone, which is located by Link’s house and in the Temple of Time. When a new movie is available, the Sheikah Stone glows green and allows the player to choose from a menu of available movies.

At least we won’t have to wait too much longer. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D launches around the world in just over a week, and I am looking forward to it. As someone who has never finished a Zelda game before, I’m hoping to make Ocarina of Time the first!