Earth Seeker – first hour gameplay

Wow, this game looks really amazing! I hope a western company like Atlus or XSEED Games will pick this up for localization. Would be great to have so many great games like this so the Wii can go out with a bang instead of just something left in the dust.

A seiyuu plays Earth Seeker

A Japanese voice actress named Hisako Kanemoto plays the “Mysterious Treasure” quest.

Earth Seeker doesn’t take place on our Earth, the game begins after humans fled the planet in spaceships. One of them crashed and terraformed a planet to become Earth-like, but the damaged craft created monsters like an insect mixed with a railgun. On the planet, you travel with Guardians, natives who will help you in battle if you give them some booze.

I really hope that Earth Seeker gets picked up for western release. I have sent it many times to XSEED Games, and they said they were keeping an eye on it.

Source: Siliconera