Final Fantasy 3 DS remade on IOS

Word broke out that Square Enix are planning on brining Final Fantasy 3 to IOS. But many wondered if it was a port or remake. Thanks to andrissang, the mystery was solved. The graphics will be high resolution, virtual d-pad, high “quality” sound, and much more.


Real Racing 2 Preview

This is a preview of Real Racing 2 that I did for the site. Please, let me know what you think.

Gameloft’s Legend of Zelda iPhone? Hello Ocarina of Time

Origional source here.

Dante to slay demons on IOS

IOS gamers are in for a treat. Capcom will be bringing their popular “Devil May Cry 4” game this month. Not much information at this time.

Devil May Cry 4

Devil May Cry

More info at slidetoplay: Link

Preview of new iPad iCade machine

Video and info about the iPad iCade machine made by Ion and Think Geek can be found here