Dead Island hands on preview (G4TV)

With the launch of Dead Island around the corner (September 6th 2011), if you’re a fan of zombie killing games, you’ll probably enjoy this game. I myself am huge into games like Dead Rising. Below is part of a hands on preview of Dead Island, provided by… Hope you enjoy!

Dead Island. Its debut trailer was heralded as one of the most daring and emotionally-charged of all time. The slow, somber music – which I’m listening to even now as I type this preview – was even a small meme for a time, covered by Toby Turner of literal video game trailers fame and inserted into Lord of the Rings. And damn if it doesn’t make me tear up just thinking about it.

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Gears of War board game!

I can guess what you’re thinking… Gears of War board game? Sounds interesting! I myself was interested in this post on G4, hope you enjoy! Thoughts and opinions are welcome below!

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With many GOTY possibilities, which are you most looking forward to?

There are many game of the year possible winners, which game are you most looking for? Below are a list of games coming out this year along with trailers that I think have the most potential to become a GOTY winner.

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

This is one of the many games that I am looking forward to playing. Below is a trailer of the video game that has the possibility of becoming GOTY.

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August 2011 issue of Nintendo Power comes with Pokémon DVD

Surprisingly enough, the latest issue of Nintendo Power August 2011 subscriber edition came with a Pokémon DVD.

The DVD features a music video by the band Presidents of the United States of America called Can’t Stop (Catchin”Em All) which you can see here.

The first episode of the Pokémon Black & White anime series “In The Shadow of Zekrom” is also on this DVD. I guess that’s pretty cool, better than the terrible song above.

Nathan Fillion does a PSA for Break

Hip actor Nathan Fillion, star of such shows as Castle & Firefly, has done a PSA for for gamers everywhere concerning the condition Swamp ***.
Warning: Contains foul language & humor

Kotaku picks up Game Center CX TV show

Kotaku Exclusively Brings Japanese Cult Hit Retro Game Master to the United States

NEW YORK – Gawker Media’s influential gaming website Kotaku will be the first media outlet in the United States to air a U.S. version of Japan’s wildly successful cult television hit Retro Game Master.

The show, known in Japan as Game Center CX, features comedian Shinya Arino playing Japan’s most popular video games – a perfect fit for Kotaku. Kotaku, in partnership with RGM, will feature new episodes made for United States viewers weekly starting in June.

Peter Block’s A Bigger Boat helped secure the rights for RGM from Yuko Shiomaki’s pictures department. Yuko Shiomaki’s pictures department acted as international representative on behalf of rights holder Fuji Television, Japanese international sales agent STYLEJAM, and Producer Tsuyoshi Kan of Gascoin.

Says Block “Watching RGM is addictive…I knew we had something special when we couldn’t stop watching our first episodes, and when people would stop for a quick peek and stay for 30 minutes. It’s Iron Chef for the Gamers.”

Eric Spiegelman of Jetpack Media brokered the deal between Gawker Media and A Bigger Boat.

Retro Game Master will be featured exclusively on Kotaku every Thursday night, posting at 8pm EST, starting June 23, 2011.

Awesome, I will definitely check out this show. It will give me a reason to actually visit Kotaku, a site that is heavily criticized by gamers all over the world.

Nintendo talks about Wii U, 3DS, third parties and more

Nintendo of America senior director of corporate communications, Charlie Scibetta:

On Wii U:

“We call them ‘experiences’, as opposed to actual games, because we do want people to experience what the capabilities are of the controller

Third Parties:

“I would hope that any multiplatform games would take advantage of the controls,” he said. “If people just took one game to try and port it over without putting the unique abilities into play,”

Nintendo vs Sony handheld market:

“We tend to focus more on what we have to offer. We certainly wouldn’t change our strategy or our approach based on what a competitor is doing.”