XBOX One Full Coverage


Today was announced the new XBOX (XBOX One). It is an all-in-one entertainment center, allowing for unique new experiences. I am going to update this post with pictures and videos as I get them. NOTE: Not required to be online!

XBOX One + Controller + Kinect



500 Gig HD
8 Gigs of RAM
HDMI In/Out (In is probably for cable, but wasn’t explained)
Wifi Direct (for connecting to other devices)
USB 3.01080p video (through Kinect)

Not always online, this new console combines video games, TV (Comcast demonstrated), Web Browsing, videos, and music. The console will be able to be turned on by saying something like “XBOX On.” It also recognizes your voice and will respond to YOU. The new console, comes on instantly and you can instantly switch between Internet, TV, Music, Videos, and games. You can say things like “XBOX Watch Disney” and it will automatically go to Disney channel through your cable provider. Bring up the guide by saying “Show the guide.” Kinect can also now track the angles of your hands and your heart rate. You can play in complete darkness. It is a cloud-connected XBOX, allowing you to access content anywhere anytime, and also allowing you to save data in the cloud. New controller has a different “feel” and has been slimmed down. The battery compartment has been adjusted to allow easier access. Redesigned D-Pad comes with the new controller too. New “Snap” mode allows for splitting the screen in two, allowing you to do two things at once (shown off was watching a movie and Skyping (shown in video below) and watching a movie and browsing the web).

Skype is allowing for group chatting online through the XBOX One (not shown). Universal gestures makes it easier to control Kinect and XBOX, for instance, allowing you to go to the main menu anytime you want, just by “grabbing” and “throwing” away the screen. They now have a “favorites” and “trending” menu on certain things allowing for finding new movies, music, games, and shows by up-to-the-minute trending items on XBOX Live. The favorites allows for you to find certain shows you enjoy at a later time. The XBOX One also allows for a “lag-free experience.” The XBOX One has a dedicated DVR with cloud-saving (probably similar to PS4).


So far there have been several games announced and two shown off. There will be 15 exclusives within the first year and 8 will be new franchises. Below you will find a list of the ones announced with release dates and their trailer(s).

Fifa 14 Ultimate Team (next 12 months)
Madden 14 (next 12 months)
NBA Live (next 12 months)
UFC (next 12 months)

Forza Motorsport 5 (launch title)

Quantum Break (TBA)

Call of Duty: Ghosts (TBA)

Call of Duty: Ghosts:

Created with a new engine, CoD Ghosts is a whole new experience filled with “new worlds, new environments, new story, new characters and new voice-commands.” This game is going to have a new multiplayer experience, including customizing the way a character looks. The multiplayer comes with dynamic maps (meaning changing environment, “booby-traps,” and other “player-driven actions”). The main character has a dog side-kick that will do anything from attacking enemies to finding bombs. The game will be running at 60 FPS and still have DLC coming to Microsoft’s console before hitting other systems.


XBOX Live Logo

XBOX Live is now better than ever. Allowing a completely new  experience, the new XBOX Live allows for sharing content, browsing and discovering new content, cloud-connected data, and unique communication experiences. With XBOX Live, a user can now store game saves, DLC, videos, and more in the cloud. There will be a way to share this video with other users. You can now discover new content by looking at what is currently “trending.” With the powerful processing power of the new XBOX One, it is said to provide a ‘lag-free’ experience. With the new XBOX Live, TV has now become more personal, customizable, and social.

Also announced was a new “Halo TV Series” said to be directed by Steven Spielberg and an “XBOX exclusive.”

Not Announce:

Not announced today was a price-point or release date (other than this year), but this was expected. The are planning on showing off more at this years E3 (meaning games).

According to Geoff Keighley, the XBOX One will NOT be backwards compatible with the 360, eaning your games from 360 will not be able to be plated on the XBOX One.

CNET’s coverage of the event can be found in the link below.

Quick CNET “Eyes On”

More to come…

Thanks to IGN and CNET for some of the videos.

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