CRUSH3D Q/A and new pics!

Below is a Q/A article on the upcoming CRUSH3D game and some new pictures. Please let us know what you think and is this a game you’re interested in purchasing?

Can you explain what Crush is? i.e. what is the design idea behind it?

“CRUSH3D focuses on manipulating the environment to solve puzzles. In the game you have the ability to “Crush” the world, which flattens everything from 3D to 2D; you can use this ability to traverse huge gaps by bringing platforms closer together, or flattening the world from above to get to areas that would normally be too high to reach in 3D.

Along with being flattened from 3D to 2D, the environment itself behaves differently while crushed. Levels are made from different block types, all of which behave differently in 3D and 2D; some may be solid while in 3D, but can be walked through while in 2D. The addition of the different block types really mixes up the gameplay.”

Can you explain what we can expect from the story?

“The story centres on Danny, the willing guinea pig of long standing friend Dr. Doc Doccerson, a scientist whose latest invention C.R.U.S.H. promises to let users explore their own subconscious. Danny has agreed to become the first human subject for C.R.U.S.H. but, as with all of Doc’s inventions, not everything goes as planned…

Expect a story that’s quite a bit lighter in tone than the PSP version, but is still chock full of classic British humour and references to other media and games; there are even a few cheeky stabs at the original game here and there.”

What are the main differences between Crush3D and Crush?

“The main difference between CRUSH3D and the original game is an overhaul of the visual design of the levels. We wanted to make the different block types really stand out from each other, as it wasn’t always clear in Crush which block was solid, which was hollow and so on; in CRUSH3D the block types for each zone are very distinct, which helps immensely with navigation around the levels and working out where you can and can’t crush at any given point.

We’ve also improved the hint system for beginners, and added additional challenges and rewards for expert users and those that might have played the game before.”

What was the biggest challenge bringing the game to Nintendo 3DS?

“Bringing CRUSH3D to the 3DS was such a great opportunity, as the game design is perfect for this console. The biggest challenge was probably working through the 3D settings as although the visuals are very different and the console is so new (which always brings fresh technical challenges) those things are not necessarily specific to the 3DS.

It’s very important that the 3D settings are comfortable for people, to ensure that they use and enjoy the 3D experience so we spent quite a lot of time on this, and got input from as many different people as possible.”

Will CRUSH3D use any of the other 3DS functions?

“StreetPass is something that we really wanted to take advantage of. In CRUSH3D you have the ability to place gifts throughout the levels. When you StreetPass with another CRUSH3D 3DS user, your gift will be transferred to their system for them to hunt down and collect; collecting gifts then grants points which can be used to unlock additional content in the game. It’s a great way to essentially design your own puzzles in the game; we’ve seen some really devilishly placed gifts from clever use of the crush mechanic.

If StreetPass isn’t your thing however, the game also supports the use of Play Coins, which can be spent to unlock additional content and reward.”

How did you come up with the original idea?

“In the traditional English manner, it was born over a couple of pints in the pub in 2002. Paul Mottram, the Executive Producer and Ed Daly, the Studio Head felt that mixing 2D & 3D, using perspective and orthographic views would make for a great, unique gameplay experience. I think we can safely say that they were right!”

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