CoD MW3 Tournament…

Are you in a mood to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 early? How about win a Million dollars while at it? Below is an article about a tournament with the winning prize being 1 Million bucks and the game of choice? Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3!

Call of Duty XP, the ultimate Call of Duty fan experience, will be taking place this September in Los Angeles. Activision has opened the detail floodgate for the event. CoD fans will not be disappointed.

CoD XP will have a 32-slot, single-elimination Call of Duty tournament sponsored by Xbox 360. The purse for the tourney is a cool $1 million dollars. Activision has confirmed that the tournament will feature Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Yes, gamers will be competing in MW3 months before it’s released. Gamers all over the world are pre-qualifying to enter via CoD: Black Ops. But don’t fret if you’re not chosen, four slots will be kept empty until the tournament begins; ensuring Call of Duty XP attendees will get a chance to win the prize too. The winning squad will take home $400,000.

CoD: MW3’s multiplayer will be revealed at a keynote during the event but everyone in attendance will get to play too. There will be even more ways to win prizes over the two day event. But don’t even think about winning Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for yourself, because you won’t need to. Every person in attendance will receive a free copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition when it’s released on November 8th.

You’ll also get to a sneak peek at content being developed for Call of Duty Elite members. This program includes work from Will Arnett and Jason Bateman, Arnett will be at there to show it off. Call of Duty XP will also be your first chance to see a Modern Warfare-inspired live-action short and another installment in the Pro vs. G.I. Joe series.

After you ingest all of that exclusive Call of Duty content, you’ll be given a paintball gun. Attendees can play in a life-size replica of Modern Warfare 2’s Scrapyard level.

Call of Duty XP Events:

  • The opportunity to speed-run the infamous Modern Warfare 2 The Pit training sequence, for real.
  • A military-style zip-line plunge across the Call of Duty XP compound.
  • Suiting up for one-on-one battle in Juggernaut Sumo.
  • Rations and refreshments for sale at Modern Warfare’s 2 iconic Burger Town fast food joint.
  • A comprehensive Call of Duty armory and museum, featuring concept art and unique memorabilia from the entire franchise.

If you’re a Call of Duty fan, you don’t want to miss this event. Tickets are on sale now. Are you going?

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  1. Rudy Torres says:

    wtf a tournament with compromised servers….. i bet theyre just winning all there money back fucken con artist

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