Pokemon HD on WiiU: An article of ‘what if’?

What would you do if they had a Pokemon HD game on WiiU? Below is part of an article that talks about the possibility of an awesome Pokemon HD coming to WiiU. To read the full article, please follow the link at the bottom of this article. Would you buy a Pokemon HD on the WiiU? Comment below and let us know.

Pokémon is impossibly good. I mean to say that it’s impossible that a game first released in 1998 has kept me away from my Xbox 360/PS3, the pinnacles of gaming technology, for a solid week. By all conventions of technology, Pokémon should be nothing more than a fond memory. Like the briefcase cell-phone, the room-sized personal computer, and the VHS, Pokémon should have been defeated by newer technology a decade ago.

The story? Non-existent. A couple dozen lines of poorly-written dialog don’t constitute a story. The graphics? Sub-par. The gameplay? Like, three buttons and an off-switch. Pokémon is an anomaly. It shouldn’t exist in its current form. Yet it does, and does so very well. But what if Japanese developer Game Freak finally decides to stop proving wrong every convention of technology and instead starts utilizing the best hardware available to create a Pokémon game that the world has been waiting for?

Pokémon becomes the only Wii U game that doesn’t suck

Isn’t the unwilling to develop games for such a complicated system. Indeed, with the failures of the 3DS torpedoing Nintendo’s profits, they need an ace in the hole now more than ever. With the help of Game Freak, Nintendo could turn around their pattern of their gimmicky systems failing miserably (Virtual Boy anyone?).

With Black and White having just released and no clear commitment to the Wii U from Game Freak, a fully-fleshed out console Pokémon title seems just as far off as it has always been. The most we can expect in the next year is yet another mediocre filler title designed to do nothing more than further line the pockets of Game Freak executives.

But let’s say that at this point, having reached the logical conclusion to their color-named games, Game Freak realizes they either have to seriously consider developing Pokémon Purple or make a real Pokémon game for consoles. With the Wii U out and struggling like a Magikarp to stay afloat in 2012, Nintendo is desperate. Their most recent experiment is starting to look like the GameCube and 3DS; seriously threatening their fiscal standing. So they turn to one of their most reliable developers, Game Freak, to flip the game on its ear.

In late 2012, Game Freak announces a full-length Pokémon that utilizes the full capabilities of the Wii U. The game is revealed to be a third-person MMORPG, designed to test the limits of the new, more powerful Wii U with support for hundreds of players online. Videos soon surface of the fledgling system’s controller being used to spot wild Pokémon in the grass and as a convenient inventory screen. Speculation arises about the format of the game; whether it will be a remake starting with Blue, Red, and Yellow.

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One Response to Pokemon HD on WiiU: An article of ‘what if’?

  1. kurlyd says:

    I like Pokemon to, not a hardcore Pokedude but I do enjoy it once in a while. I hope that they will listen to rabid Pokemon fans and make it a dream come true for the WiIU! What is Adobe? Have a good night fellas!

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