Gears of War board game!

I can guess what you’re thinking… Gears of War board game? Sounds interesting! I myself was interested in this post on G4, hope you enjoy! Thoughts and opinions are welcome below!

The Walking Dead is getting a board game, so why not Gears of War? Fantasy Flight Games confirmed in May that Epic Games’ tremendously popular third-person shooter series is coming to coffee tables and countertops as the appropriately titled Gears of War: The Board Game. The release is coming sometime next month — Amazon lists an 8/31 release — and you can get a glimpse of exactly how it works in the above (and excessively detail-oriented) video overview.

The game allows up to four players to work together and contribute to the war effort by taking on a random series of missions. There are a lot of pieces in the box, including more than 30 plastic figurines, a variety of cards, tokens and map tiles, and two sets of dice. Plus, all copies of the game include built-in support for glasses-free 3D graphics! Unless you happen to wear glasses, of course.

Link Here

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