Namco Bandai announces a new 3DS sim called Brave Company

Cattle Call, developer of such games as Metal Max 3 and Space Invaders Get Even, is working on a unique new 3DS simulation game for Namco Bandai. Titled Brave Company, the new game is revealed on the pages of this week’s Famitsu.

In Brave Company, you play as the CEO of a hero dispatch agency. You’ll have to interview potential heroes, hire them, and send them out to the city to protect the peace. As you advance in the game, both your company and the city will grow.

Hero types include knights, archers, priests and wizards. If you send out a hero that’s better suited to a particular quest, you’ll have a better chance of success.

Brave Company features music from Prof. Sakamoto, image visual work from Tomomi Kobayashi (SaGa series), and character designs from Foo Midori (official site).

A 3DS release is set for October 27. An iOS version is also due in August.

Anyone think this will leave Japan? It sounds too niche for that. But maybe I’ll import it someday? :p

Source: Andriasang


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