Solatorobo: Red the Hunter announced by XSEED Games!

Hey action RPG, dog, cat, mechs, and floating island lovers,

Today we are extremely excited to announce a partnership with Namco Bandai Games that will bring the highly-acclaimed Action RPG title Solatorobo: Red the Hunter to North America on the Nintendo DS™ handheld system.

Solatorobo (literally translated “sky and robot”) takes place in the Shepherd Republic, a series of floating islands that are populated by two distinct races of anthropomorphic dog- and cat-people. While very human-like in their nature, both of these races have evolved to use specially-built robot mechs (or Robos) in their everyday lives.

In the game, players follow the story of the dog-like Red Savarin, a young adventurer and hunter who has set off with his Robo companion Dahak on a quest to retrieve a stolen file of the utmost importance, only to be thrown into an altogether deeper adventure along the way. As the story of Solatorobo: Red the Hunter develops further, Red and Dahak will travel throughout the Shepherd Republic, meeting new characters and uncovering the truth behind a mystical artifact he has discovered.

Currently in production, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter will be released this fall in North America. We will be releasing more information in the coming months!

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is rated pending by the ESRB. Visit for rating information.

Yay, I’m happy that the game is finally coming to North America, although I don’t know what the hold up would be. The game is due out in Europe on July 1st, so I bet it has something to do with XSEED’s schedule. Nintendo DS needs to keep going still, at least with localizations. Can’t wait to play this game, definitely gonna pick it up. I love the boxart too. ^_^

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