Review: Angry Birds (Android)

Angry Birds
Platform: Android
Reviewer: NintendoWiiBoy
Date: June. 21, 2011

Angry Birds

We have all heard of the game “Angry Birds,” so what’s the deal? What makes this game so fun and addicting? I’m about to opening these questions you may have and crush them with this review. The game is very addicting and is fun if you have some time to spend. They have a free version (ad-supported) and paid version (no ads) and I am going to write the review on the Android OS. I will be targeting a couple of aspects; Gameplay, Graphics, Controls, and Connectivity. I hope you enjoy this review and it helps you decide if this review is right for you.

Angry Birds

Gameplay: The goal of the game is to fling (angry) birds at pigs and destroy the birds and as much property as can be while using as few birds as possible. The fewer birds you use and the more damage you do, the higher your score becomes. You want to aim at making the high score and then afterwards, you can share it with your friends by allowing them to play on your device. It is very fun in that you can take your anger out on a character while noticing that the characters are what some may call “cute.” Being able to destroy pigs and almost anything on the screen, can please people easily. There can be some lag issues, but it’s not common. It’s very entertaining and can be very addicting. Many people enjoy it for being able to take their anger out while others enjoy it for the cute, cartoony characters, which brings me to the next category… graphics.

Graphics: The graphics are based on a cartoony feel and many people think its graphics are “cute”. Girls are attracted to the cuteness and like to play it so they can keep an eye on the cute little pigs and birds, where guys like watch as they destroy the boxes and obstacles in their way (along with the pigs of course!). The physics make this game look even better, because you can see things destroy in front of your eyes. The physics help the appeal and improve the quality of the game in many ways. That being said, for aiming towards a cartoony feel, the graphics are very well done and look wonderful on a nice screen.

Angry Birds

Controls: While the controls are very easy to learn, it might be an issue if you are playing on a tiny screen and have big fingers. I sometimes have issues flinging the bird in the right direction because of the screen on my phone. Simple controls make it simple to learn, pull the bird back in the slingshot and let go to fire. That simple! I was pleased with how easy it was to pick up and play. The only downside is, if you don’t have a touch-screen, it won’t work. I do not think there are any Android devices that aren’t touch-screen, but I’m not 100% sure. The other thing is, you may have issues clicking the buttons (like Facebook’s button), which leads me to my next and final area… connectivity.

Angry Birds

Connectivity: Though the game is not multiplayer, it still connects to the internet to bring up YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Originally, I thought the buttons were to post high scores, but then I clicked on them and found out they just take you to the fan pages on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. I found this as a bit disappointing and kind of ruined the experience a little. I still enjoy the game, but I just wish there was more connectivity. So the connectivity is an issue, but at least they have some connectivity, unlike the earlier reviewed game: Yoo Ninja.

Although this game is a very well put together game, it is a free game, and it is a fun game, the connectivity is not there and it can be tough to play if you have big fingers and/or a small screen. I would definitely recommend getting the free version (again, ad-supported), if not the full version. I think the main difference now is that the free version has ads and the paid version is ad-free. The game is very addicting and you will find yourself playing it at all times of the day and night. If you would like to download the free game, search it on the Android market or click here if you are currently on your device. Feel free to comment below and post your opinion on the review or the game itself.

Grade: A

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