Review: Yoo Ninja (Android)

Yoo Ninja
Platform: Android
Reviewer: NintendoWiiBoy
Date: June. 21, 2011

Yoo Ninja Pic

The last couple of weeks I have been playing an addicting game on the Android OS called Yoo Ninja. Though this game can tend to be a little repetitive, it is very addicting and fun at the same time. The goal of the game is to get to the end of the level. They have two game modes, Adventure and Endless. Though these two game modes seem similar, adventure has checkpoints and different levels, whereas endless has no checkpoints, an endless level, and the goal is to beat your old high score. The graphics on this game are so-so. That being said, Yoo Ninja is one entertaining game.

Yoo Ninja Pic

Adventure mode: This game mode seems to be the less fun of the two while being the most engaging. While you would think it would be fun, it’s nice just having an endless game that makes you reach for the high score. When playing adventure, you have three enemies: the open air (you’re always running and there are open areas where if you run on them, you fly off the screen and fail the level, having to restart), and two Shuriken (or throwing/ninja stars) that will slice you if you slow down too much.

Endless: The point of endless is to beat your old high score. Endless can be fun and also become repetitive and even difficult to a point. The game mode gives you only one reason to keep playing and that is to see if you can beat your high score. When you fail, you simply restart at 0 and have to work your way back up the score ranking system. There is no saving and no continuing (unless you exit the app and come back to it later, where it pauses as you exit).

Yoo Ninja Pic

There is no multiplayer in this game; it simply allows you to put your screen mashing skills to the test. When playing the game, if you click on the screen (providing your device is a touch-screen one), the character goes to either the top of the screen (if it is on the bottom) or the bottom of the screen (if it is on top). There are arrows where if you run over them, you speed up, which makes things harder. There are two versions, a free one (ad-supported) and one that costs $1.99 (ad-free).

This seems to be a very entertaining game, but it’s not worth the extra money to get it to be ad-free. The game’s appeal overall is fun and it’s worth a download. If you have some time to spare, it’s worth the download. You can either find it on your android device through the market, or if you’re reading this from the device, here is the link for the free version. Overall, the game is fun and addicting, but can become repetitive if you don’t like doing the same thing over and over again.

Score: B

Update: for a limited time, you can get the plus version for free on the Android market, here is the link

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