Music Of The Day: Wario Land 1 – Water Levels – 06.07.11

Well, E3 has kicked off, and with the retro-gaming section now open on styroscope, I bring you today music from a good oldy, Wario Land for the Gameboy / Gameboy Color. The music of the water levels stood out in most Wario games for being much different from the rest – with a serile and calm feeling to them, unlike the random cool jazz that is in most of the games. Without further adiou, enjoy and Stay Tuned!


About kkslida
I am an avid gamer and pianist. I mainly upload vids on youtube as well, including trying to study to be an engineer. To visit my channel on youtube, go to the link below: I do LPs (Let's Plays) and upload video game sheet music. the current LPs are: 1) Golden Sun 2) Jet Force Gemini 3) Terraria (the 2-D minecraft look-a-like)

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