Ubisoft E3 Conference Summary

– Ubisoft conference starting. Yyves Guillemot onstage. Thanks everyone for their support over the last 25 years. Looks forward to another 25 years.

– Rayman Origins upcoming. Really bad but funny Shakespeare re-enactment on stage, it lightened the mood. Hand drawn graphics. game being demoed.
Very nice environments, looks gorgeous. Refers to the secondary thing following Rayman as Blue Thing. Platforming looks very well done, best platforming I have seen since New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Little bit of a tetris puzzle going on in the cave level, lots of lava, again looks gorgeous. The music is catchy. New area, at a harbour, looks gorgeous again. Underwater now, getting chased by huge works, reminds me of a Super Metroid boss. Can beat up each in multiplayer. Now you are in snowy mountains and the treasure chest that you have been chasing has been stolen, now it transitions into an flying stage that looks to be a lot of fun. A lot of buildings and such in the background, adds a lot to the environment
Demo over, looks to be a very great game. Four player co-op for the game. They open the chest and out pops Ubisoft characters from throughout the years.

– Aaron Pricemen on stage. Talking about the past. Haha talking about Driver and showed up a video of what it would look like if they released it back in the past. Now he is talking Driver San Francisco. Trailer playing. Looks to be mostly cgi trailer with a quick change to gameplay where you have a cockpit view in the vehicles. Not really impressive, uplay support.

– Dan Hay and Jaime Keen onstage. Trailer playing, tropical island environment. Armed mercenaries are attacking and killing civilians. Apparently everyone is insane. Main character was knocked out and now he is talking to one of the mercenaries who is definitely crazy. Lots of swearing, so many F bombs. You get pushed off a cliff with your feet tied on a cinder block into water and you break yourself free and get back back to the surface. Very nice environment, the waterfall is fantastic. I have a feeling I know this game but it is one I haven’t spent much time looking at. It is a FPS, looking like it is Farcry 3, I really should go and play my copy of Farcry 2. Hijacking a helicopter now after running through a small village and it didn’t take long to get shot down. Yep it is Farcry 3 which is coming in 2012.

– President of Gearbox Randy Pitchford is on stage to announce a new game. New World War 2, suppose to be different from other World War 2 games. The soldiers that it follows are called The Furious Four. Trailer playing. Right away you are in a bar filled with Nazi’s and you start killing them, looks to have a lot of comedy and is not a serious take on World War 2. Due out in 2012
*Note, my skylight is letting a lot of sun onto my monitor, can’t see that well*

– TinTin video game being talked about now by Paramount Pictures. Explores the Tin Tin film but expands upon it. Doesn’t look like we’re going to get any trailers at this point. Oh I was wrong, here is a gameplay trailer. Looks very cartoonish in a good way, seems like a puzzle platformer with beat em up feature and there was a shooting scene. No release date given, just a coming soon.

– Talking about Tom Clancy Ghost Recon: Future Soldier now. Doing a rewind thing with how it would like 20 years ago. Actually it doesn’t look half bad. Gameplay demo coming up.
In a swamp in Nigeria. Locals are being attacked by mercenaries and killed, your team is about to kill the mercenaries. Sneaking seems to be a big element. Looks like a detective mode like in Batman Arkham Asylum is in the game. And the video cuts away from the gameplay to show the players playing the game. Villagers are running in terror as you make your way through the village, now it is more actiony. The graphics and environments look very close to Farcry 3. Can deploy drones to scout out the area, stealth camaflouge is being used. Hiding behind environments is the same as in Gears of War. I would say the game is like a combo of Uncharted and Gears of War. You find your target and are now surrounded, getting fired at by helicopter and multiple enemies. Missle strike against the helicopters takes them out. Demo over. Looks good.

– Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Online announced for, it is being developed by Ubisoft Singapore and it is free. Gameplay trailer being shown. Focuses on teamwork, graphics remind me of MAG. It will link up with Future Soldier

– The person on stage needs to speak up a bit more, hard to hear. Trackmania 2 is being discussed. Trailer about to be shown. Again with the cgi. I have not played Trackmania before. Coming out in September 2011.

– Raving Rabbids Alive & Kicking being talked about for Kinect. Haha a rabbid appeared on the screen and you can hit them or kick them, looks great, haha getting invaded by them and now they are stomping them, looks like serious fun. Four player gameplay for the game. Fill the shapes mini-game and it takes a picture after you are done, you have to position yourselves to make the shape and hold the position. Also the Rabbids run away screaming. Facebook connectivity where you can share the pictures. Releasing November 8th 2011
– Talking about dancing and they are doing a Dance Central paraody of what it would look like on Commodore 64. Just Dance 3 being talked about. Coming to Wii, PS3, and Kinect. Showing off people dancing. Releasing on October 11th 2011.

– Tony Key on stage. Talking about Rocksmith now. Turns the work of learning a guitar into a game. Similar to Guitar Hero and Rockband in terms of presentation. Coming October 2011.

– Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 being talked about. Comes out in November 2011.

– Looks like they are getting to Assassins Creed, yep they are. Another short retro video of what it would like if they did it earlier, looks like a flash animation. Now onto Assassins Creed Revelations (I have been waiting for this, huge fan of the series).

– Trailer being shown. Starts off with Ezio being captured. Now it is has move to him arriving in Masylef. Had to briefly run and do something, Altair was shown and then Ezio was captured, again Altair was shown. Ezio looks very old. Demo incoming.

– Enviroments look like your typical Asassins Creed game. Ezio is shown with a crossbow, walking through the streets. Looks like Ezio is talking to Leonardo Da Vinci, he looks a lot different as well. Ezio used a flash bomb from Da Vinci. Switches to combat where you do a running attack and Ezio pulls off an aerobatic manuever. He then blinds the enemies using a smoke screen and then uses eagle vision to dispatch them. Now the the grappling hook is being shown up. Combat appears to be slightly upgraded over Brotherhood and your allies are helping you escape. Using a flamethrower to take out ships blocking your escape. Now you must run between the ships to escape while everything around you is on fire and exploding. Can do assassinations from the grappling hook. And with that, you manage to escape and make it to your ship.

Gameplay starting to shift, it looked like the animus glitched out and possibly was switching to Altairs part of the story. Coming out in November 2011.

-End of the conference.

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