Radar Mission

Radar Mission (レーダーミッション Rēdā Misshon?) is a Nintendo Game Boy title developed and released in 1990 in Japan and North America by Nintendo. It was one of the earliest Game Boy titles, and was the first military-based game released for the Game Boy.

Game A is your classic Battleship, with you alternating turns between you and the computer to see who can sink each other’s ships first. There were also additional features that added to the gameplay.

For instance, one such feature was the “Near Miss”. If this optional feature was enable, then if a shot was directly next to a target ship, then a larger splash would be seen as well as a beeping noise. Additionally there were “Lucky Shots”. The Lucky Shots were split into two; Black and White. A Black Lucky Shot would launch one missile, but if that missile hit a target ship, then it would instantly destroy that ship and any other ship touching it. A White Lucky Shot would launch a silo of missiles either 5 or 9 depending on the original grid size. However, there was a hindrance in this Lucky Shot. Only hits would be displayed on the players radar. If any of the salvo were Near Misses, then the player would have to work out whether the player had gotten close or not by themselves.

Game B is a submarine game where you either sink the enemy fleet before yours is sunk or you sink the enemies submarine first. This mode allows the player to set up his submarine with extra Prop Speed, shoot Twin Shots, and/or equip a Power Sonar, before battling against other ships. The player moves left or right slowly when above the ocean, while he move faster when submerged. Players use the radar to locate their enemies and friends only when submerged. However, they can use the B-button to attack the enemy’s submarine with a machine gun, while the player uses the A-button to send out torpedoes at all ships. When the player destroy every ship but not the enemy’s submarine or just destroy the enemy’s submarine itself, he wins the game. The enemy’s submarine isn’t the only one that can attack and destroy the player in this mode, but also fighter jets take off from aircraft carriers, while dropping torpedoes at the player. Different animated endings pop up, depending on how much the player actually scores in the game.


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