Microsoft E3 Conference Summary

Well now that the conference is over, time for me to post my summary of the conference for all of those that missed it. I didn’t sleep well last night, so if the writing seems off, it is because my brain wasn’t functioning. enjoy!

– came in late due to sleeping in and having to do stuff.

– Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is being played, we are in a submarine. Graphics and physics look to be improved over Modern Warfare 2. Oh awesome
they leave the submarine and into a hover craft where there is a full out naval war going on with airstrikes from jets. Big explosion from blowing up a ship
with a gun. Looks to be a very fun stage in the game. Ends with driving the hovercraft into an Chinook Helicopter and seeing New York burning.

– Don Mattrick on the stage. Talks a bit about Xbox 360, nothing interesting from him.

– Crystal Dynamics on stage to show off the new Tomn Raider game. First off, the game is gorgeous. We’re seeing gameplay for the first time and it is very
Unchartd like. Going through a cave, very great lighting effects. We come up to a portion at were Lara is attacked from behind and a quick time event ensues.
Lara can use her survival instincts to highlight pieces of the area to find out how to escape, this is almost the same thing as detective mode in Batman
Arkham Asylum, just without the X-Ray vision. The cave is starting to fall apart and the music is giving it a very dynamic sense of danger and urgency. Finally Lara
escapes the cave and she is all bloodied. Ends with a overshot of the land and we shipwrecked ships. Overall I am very impressed by the game and it
looks to be an amazing game

-Peter Moore is up from EA. Tiger Woods, Madden, Fifa and 1 more will support Kinect. Sims and Hasbro Family Games Night will support Kinect.

-Bioware up, Mass Effect 3 is going to be shown, I am in excitement mode. Mass Effect 3 Kinect support confirmed. Can converse with characters through voice.
Nice, if you say the dialogue choices, it will select that dialogue. Shepard, Garrus, Liara, and Mordin are saving the Krogan princess. Oh this is pretty great
you can command your team through voice commands and tell them what attacks to us ie: Garrus Move up, Liara use Singularity. Shepard has a sweet melee
attack. Graphics looks the same as on Mass Effect 2 PS3. Not much combat shown.

-Ubisoft video playing. It is a Tom Clancy Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Kinect support confirmed, mention bullet tracking and voice. Gunsmith feature
allowing you to creatue your own guns, over 20 million combinations possible. Can control the gunsmith menu through voice and gestures if you play it with Kinect.
Giving commands like randomize, optimize and close combat will create a gun seamlessly based on what you want. All future Tom Clancy games will support Kinect.

-Mark Whitten from Xbox Live is up. Xbox Home, I wonder if they got the idea from Sony. This is a new dashboard for the 360, you can navigate to your video
music, or any menu by voice. I noticed an app bar. Youtube is coming to Xbox Live! Bing is coming coming to Xbox Live, you can find content through voice with
Kinect. This is a way to search what is on your system and on the marketplace, it is not a web browser.

Xbox Live TV announced, partnering with multiple companies worldwide. This is what I have hoped would happen, now hopefully it comes to Canada. Nothing
specific was announced regarding it

-UFC President Dana White is up to show off the new Undisputed game, I think, my stream went down. Oh, with it is UFC Xbox Live
where you can bet on what is going to happen in the match, I do not have much details due to stream going down, I caught the tail end of it.

-Gears of War 3 is being shown. Nice music playing. If you played Gears of War 3, you know what to expect in terms of graphics.
Cliffy B. is on stage, thanks for everyone for beta participation. Ice-T on stage. Showing off the compaign. Giant sea creature
is infected, looks like a Kraken with huge teeth and will give you nightmares for years to come. I have not played the Gears of War
series, so I am not sure if Silverbacks are new or not, if they are, you can attack with a giant mech suite. Hoard mode is back.

-Crytek is up. Some kind of game based in Rome being shown. Huge battle is going on. It is a first person kinect game where
you are controlling all the actions of a Roman Spartan. It is called Ryse.

-Halo music being played. Halo Combat Evolved HD remake is confirmed. Pretty much remade with the Halo Reach engine.
Online co-op campaign, 7 classic online maps. Called Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, due out November 15th.

-Missed Forza stuff, needed drink and food.

-Fable The Journey being shown. A girl running in the woods avoiding the mist this coming. Apparently Albions end is coming
Kinect enabled. Controlling your horse carriage. Now it seems to have gone into a first person mode where you can fire off
magic spells. Hand gestures determine what spell you use. Can create an arrow spell which you can then fling and control
the direction yourself.

-Minecraft coming Xbox 360 and Kinect exclusively. Of course this is just for consoles, pc version is unaffected.

-Partnership with Disney. Kinect Disneyland. Complete Disneyland created for you to explore. Kids on stage demoing it, you are
flying through the air (avatars) with Peter Pan. This is definitely a family game. Ends with meeting Captin Hook.
Alice in Wonderland area is up next, you are falling through the rabbit hole and then you end up in something similar
to Monkeyball. Will be out this holiday season, exclusively for Kinect. Video seems to indicate that you can explore Disneyland
and then play mini-games.

-Kinect Star Wars being shown. Looks to follow Episodes 1-6 and seems you can fight some of the historic battles. Pod Racing is
part of the game. Looks to be one rails where you control the lightsaber. You can use the force to lift objects. Some response issues
Sorry missed the rest, had to put some stuff away.

-Double Fine showing off Sesame Street: Once Upon An Monster. As you know this is a family game.

-Kinect Fun Labs announced. Essentially Kinect games that were made by indie developers. Kinect Avatar
Scanning is being demoed, this is pretty much what the 3DS already does with Mii’s but can also scan in
your clothes.

Kinect Finger Trapping. I honestly have no idea why this is being shown, you can take pictures then draw
around it and move it in 3D space. Forced applause.

Obeject Capturing. Oh goody, I wonder what this can be, I believe this is karma coming back to bite me
for missing the Forza stuff. Hmm kind of interesting, you scan in a object and it brings it to life.
Again forced applause.

Kinect Fun Labs is out today…yay.

-Kinect Sports Season 2 being shown. Baseball, Skiing, Golf, Darts, Tennis, and Football make up the games.
Why can’t you they make hockey. In-game voice and gestures. Golf reminds me of a HD version of Wii Sports Golf.
Football being shown. Reminds me of a avatar based Madden. They get a touchdown, looks like you have to do
the running yourself.

-Harmonix is on stage. Dance Central 2 has a campaign mode and all music from Dance Central can be imported. If
you played Dance Central you know what to expect in terms of gameplay.

I am starting to get bored with the conference, they started off great then it seems to have dwindled down
and nothing really exciting is being announced.

-Don Mattrick is back on stage. Looks like the conference is being wrapped up. yep it is over…oh wait new
game being shown, brand new IP which is going to be a trilogy.

-Hmmm in space with some kind of meterorite or something else, can hear voices. Wait it is Halo. Master Chief is
back, this looks to be Halo 4. IT IS, Halo 4 announced for Holiday 2012. They tricked me with saying a new trilogy

Conference over.

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