EA Conference Summary

– EA conference is a go. Opens with a disaster video playing, can see Reapers attacking earth, yep it is Mass Effect. Nice opening, can see the quick destruction they are binging.

March 6 2012 release date announced. Promising an all out galatic war.
Demo incoming. Again, melee kills have been greatly improved and a focus of combat. Gameplay looks amazing, Oh why does the name escape me, the geth party member has shown up. Amazing music, absolutely amazing. Reaper is attacking, wait the whole base is an entire repear and you are fighting it on ship turrnet. Shepard calls in an airstrike and it only manages to make the reaper even angrier. Gameplay demo ends. Ok…March 6th 2012 can’t come fast enough.
Trailer is being shown, which you can see on the site. Again, the music is amazing

– Haha, EA just insulted Microsoft with saying they are keeping it simple without celebrities. Introduced new website called origin.com to view content for EA games and partner games.

– Need for Speed On The Run is being shown. Autolog being talked about. Autolog is being incorperated into the story. You will be able to leave the vehicles. Uses Frostbyte 2 engine. Li

Demo incoming. Graphics are very nice, lots of action, lighting effects are amazing. Reminds me of a combo of Burnout Paradise and Shift. You crash and a cutscene starts with quicktime events. Police helicopter is firing at you. Fighting a police officer in a quick time event and you steal an police car. Now you have to escape in less than 5 minutes and you have a police helicopter firing at you. Lots of explosions, how can they blow up innocent people, the police are truly evil in the game. They blow up a tanker and you got crashing off the intersection, thanks for increasing gas prices some more. Quick time event started to escape vehicle and there is a train coming, you barely escape and that is the end of the demo

– Bioware is up, looks like The Old Republic is going to be shown. Saying just play it, not going to try to talk us into playing it. Trailer playing. Trailer looks to be a extended version of the original trailer, would prefer to see gameplay rather than an cgi trailer. Game will be shown and playable on the show floor.

– SSX being shown, Trailer being played. It is being released January 2012. I want to see gameplay. They will release 1 new character on the SSX Facebook page by the end of E3

– Fifa 12 being talked about. 1.2B online matches happened for Fifa 11. Precision dribbling announced, reminds me of puck control in the NHL series. New physics engine, makes it more realistic. Playing a video of what fans think of the Fifa series.
New service, EA Sports Football club. No additional charge for the service and will start having cross platform features in the future. You gain experience points for everything you do. Also when you choose a club, anything you do will affect the overall rank of that club meaning, everyone who is connected worldwide and using that club affects what happens.

– Madden NFL 12 being shown. Break time. Back. I come back to football players on the stage, didn’t EA say earlier that they wouldn’t resort to celebrities on stage.

– The Sims Social has been announced. It is a facebook game, a shot at farmville was taken. You play with friends. Looks very basic, like the original sims but with all the modern stuff. So if I got this right, you play the sims like you would do on the pc or consoles but it is done with real people instead, might be able to go through it yourself, details were scarce.

– Curt Schilling on stage. Showing off Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning. Gameplay being shown off. Environments look great. Midevil settings with demons, orcs, and the like. Open ended gameplay, promising hundreds of hours of gameplay. Combat looks great, fast and fluid. Coming in 2012

– Insomniac Games on stage. Overtstrike announced, multiplatform game for 360 and PS3. Trailer being shown. Looks like there is going to be a lot of humour in the game. Kind of realistic but not at the same time.

-Battlefield 3 is being shown. Graphics look amazing. Uses Frostbite 2 engine which is a seriously impressive engine. Destructible environments look to be better than Bad Company 2’s, great audio.
Battlefield 3 multiplayer being shown. Metro map which takes place in Paris. Looks intense, lots of action, explosions, and destructible environments, so you are going to have be beware of environments as well. Standing under buildins is not advisable. Open Beta announced for September. Not too much being shown, can’t wait for the beta.
Live demo being shown…ok is this cg or actual gameplay, we are in a desert and I can’t tell whether this is realtime or cg, it is realtime…remember Killzone 3 when it was first revealed, well Battlefield 3 has obtained that level and then some. So far the demo is kind of boring, now some action is starting, very realistic gameplay, attacking enemy tanks. Some airstrikes happening and more explosions are starting. Switched to a overhead camera to see what was going on. More attacks are happening and the visibility in the environment is starting to get worse. Lots of destruction in the battlezone, very high realism, Just blew up a target, huge explosion with debris firing everywhere. Demo over
Releases on October 25th 2011
– EA Conference is over now.

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