Back In The Day Rewind: Super Mario Land

Now the first game selected is Super Mario Land for the Gameboy which is set to come out on the Nintendo eShop later today.

I decided to do a Let’s Play for the game, I figured this would be a good start for the feature and will evolve it over time. Trust me there is a lot of deaths and spider killing that happens during this play through. So enjoy!

The entire feature can be viewed by clicking read more of this post.

Platform(s) Game Boy, Nintendo 3DS

Personal rating: 4.5 Goomba’s / 5 Goomba’s

Welcome to our first ever Back In The Day Rewind feature. To commemorate the launch of the Nintendo eShop, our first game featured is Super Mario Land from the original Gameboy. Now this is the first game I ever played on the Gameboy and I have many fond memories of the game as well; the airplane and submarine really come into my mind as I absolutely enjoyed them and it was such a nice change of pace from the platforming element.

What I enjoyed most about the game at the time was the challenge it provided me. In essence, it is a very short game, capping off at four worlds which is quite a drop from standard Mario titles however the challenge is what really extended the length of the game as you do die a lot, as evident of my Let’s Play of the game; I had to do multiple takes of it just to get through the game without having to restart the game. Speaking of Let’s Play, here it is in all its beautiful glory of me dying and doing some rather weird things at times (ps, spiders really like my PS3)

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