Nintendo Power Shinobi 3DS details

More info about the mysterious Shinobi 3DS title has surface. The game will be a sidescroller with 2.5 graphics and features 3D gameplay:

– 2.5D side-scroller
– new Ninja hero (SEGA wouldn’t mention the character’s name)
– slice through enemies with katana strikes
– combo attack that juggles enemies in the air
– use an auto-recharging supply of throwing knives
– use fire/water/lightning/shadow magic
– double jumps and evasive slide attacks
– use a grappling hook to reach high places
– wall jump and swing hand-over-hand from the ceiling
– press R to parry enemy attacks
– defend against attacks that come from behind or while you’re jumping as well
– game starts off in Oboro Village
– this village is attacked by mysterious enemy forces
– run through burning temples and over collapsing bridges
– face off against enemy ninjas and samurai
– buildings crumble in the background and explosions blast the land
– fight on horseback while rushing through a forest
– horse can trip over fallen trees
– survive an ambush while riding a raft down a river
– climb a waterfall by jumping between falling logs
– explore caves and snow-covered mountains
– battle a female warrior who can disappear in a puff of black smoke
– all details mentioned above are just from the first level
– fight on the back of a moving jet
– fight a giant cyborg megalodon shark
– 3D ninja star throwing mini-game
– unlockable bonus content that you get through completing specific in-game challenges
– save your level playthroughs and share with other players
– StreetPass compatibility

We should hear more about Shinobi and Sonic Generations at E3 2011.



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