Microsoft E3 Game Rumours and Confirmation

With E3 coming upon us quickly, the amount of rumours and confirmations are starting to increase. Today I have a list of trademarks and games that may or may not show up at E3 with some confirmed.

-Crimson Alliance (Microsoft/Certain Affinity)
-Fusion: Genesis (Microsoft/Microsoft Game Studios)
-Fruit Ninja Kinect
-Hole In The Wall
-Kinect Me
-Fusion: Sentient
-Fusion: Vault

Game Rumors:
-Codename: Kingdoms (First Person Melee, Rumored Kinect Functionality, Moved To Crytek Frankfurt)
-Forza World (Open World Racing, Developed By Playground Games)
-Kinect Sports 2
-Dance Central 2
-Kinect Fun Lab (Speculated To Possibly Be “Kinect Me”)
-Rare Kinect Title #2 (Unrelated To Rare IPs)
-Two New Kinect Titles From Veteran Kinect Developer
-Halo CE Remake
-Gears Of War Kinect Rail Shooter
-Fable Kinect Game
-Kinect Roller Coaster Game (From The Developers Of Roller Coaster Tycoon)
-Big Park Story-Driven IP (They Made Kinect Joyride)
-Alan Wake: Night Springs (XBLA, Possibly Kinect Enabled)
-Kinect Star (Ubisoft)
-Kinect ShowTime (Ubisoft)
-Kinect Raving Rabbids (Ubisoft)
-Free To Play Games Coming To XBLA (Dungeon Fighter Online XBLA Seemingly Confirms)

Studio Creation Rumors:
-London Studio For Kinect Kids Titles
-Redmond Studio “MGS Family” (MGS = Microsoft Game Studios In This Context)

New Feature Rumors:
-Full Stereoscopic 3D Support
-Zune Features/Services Integrated With Xbox Live Gold
-Kinect Community Site For Users And Developers
-Project Orapa (Combines Xbox Live, Kinect, and IPTV Into One)

Official – Confirmed E3:
-Gears Of War 3
-Forza 4
-Good Science Studios’ New Game (They Made Kinect Adventures)

Official – Known 2011 Releases (Thus Likely E3):
-Star Wars Kinect
-Doodle Jump Kinect

Official – Potentially Not E3:
-343 Industries’ Halo Game(s)
-Zipline Studio’s Kinect First Person Shooter (Zipline Studios Is A New Microsoft First Party Studio)
-Lionhead Kinect Game (Possibly Fable Kinect)
-Skype Functionality Is Coming To Kinect (The Press Release Confirmed This)
-Kinect Game From Virtual Toys (Microsoft Published, Developer Of Petz: Horsez 2 and Imagine: Fashion Model)
-The Kinect Games From TGS (Project Draco, Codename D, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, Fire Pro Wrestling, Haunt, Rise Of Nightmares)
-Radiant Silvergun (Treasure, XBLA Exclusive)
-Guardian Heroes (Treasure, XBLA Exclusive)
-Trenched (Double Fine, XBLA Exclusive)

Source: Neogaf


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