Nintendo attacked over DRM issues

Free Software Foundation are attacking Nintendo 3DS over DRM and user dated content:

On Personal info:

The Nintendo 3DS also keeps track of the games users play along with any data or information created while using the device, the FSF charges, including personal data such as any name, address or other information they enter as well as “age, gender, geographic area, game play data, online status, Nintendo 3DS System serial number and device ID, device certificate information, cookies, Friend Codes, wireless access point information, Internet Protocol (‘IP’) address, and Media Access Control (‘MAC’) address,” the group explained, quoting the Nintendo 3DS System Privacy Policy.

Brick devices:

The group actually called and spoke to Nintendo, Gay told me, and “they confirmed that in fact, they could brick a device with a firmware update.

“Further, they stated that they are unsure that they could repair a device to make it so that it could run again,” he added. “And, that if they did brick a device, they would void the warranty; therefore the person would have to pay for the attempt to service and repair the device — e.g., unbrick it — which they are not sure would work anyhow.”

The Free Software Foundation encourages users to send cardboard “bricks” to Nintendo as a protest. You can do that either independently or through the FSF site. As of Friday, about 70 bricks had been sent to far.

Indeed, restrictions like these are all too common in the software many of us use every day. Besides rejecting agreements like these, business and individual users alike are much better off using open source software

Either this is just a publicity stunt or smear campaign against Nintendo’s 3DS. Attacking a handheld over is ridiculous. Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t pay attention to FSF.

PC World Neogaf


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