NCsoft: “Huge” 2011 reveals, “major gamescom presence”

I really hope this means we get a release date for Guild Wars 2, it has been my most wanted game this year.

NCsoft: “Huge” 2011 reveals, “major gamescom presence”

While NCsoft showed slips in both profit and revenue for the first quarter today, the company has told VG247 it plans to “steal headlines” at gamescom in August and has massive plans for 2011.

“Great games, great community support and real investment in ongoing game development is what lies behind the strength of these results,” NCsoft Europe sales boss Sarah Rogers told VG247 today.

“Providing players with rich and rewarding gaming experiences is what we’re all about at NCsoft. This is a very significant year for us with some huge announcements.

“We’ll have a major presence at gamescom this year where we plan on stealing a few headlines.”

NCsoft is currently working on Guild Wars 2 for an unspecified release, and has thus far kept any further major projects in the dark.

Source: VG247


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