Nintendo to hold 3DS developer conference

Nintendo will hold a conference for developers, who are inching to learn more about the 3DS. The event will take place in Hollywood, CA on May 17:

WHEN: May 17th, 2011 <- DATE


W Hotel
6250 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood Ca


Target audience is Producers, Designers, key decision makers regarding game features, and project green lights. This will not be a technical conference. The target audience will not be programmers or marketing teams.


The Nintendo 3DS provides the most connections and distribution opportunities of any system Nintendo has launched. We will be discussing the various methods of content/messaging distribution the device has to offer, and how your products can leverage each of them. The Nintendo 3DS system allows you to reach your audience everywhere they go using online, (wireless broadband connection) and peer to peer through 80211 based local wireless communications. The event will also cover the features native to the system that will drive its use, and provide new ways to surprise and entertain. Features covered in the presentation will include:


Nintendo 3DS's new e-Shop
Out of House Distribution (Nintendo Zone viewer)
Online Matchmaking
Internet Connectivity
Friend Presence
Digital Distribution

Local Wireless

Street Pass TM

Native System features

AR Functions
Tools/Middleware update
Project Sheet




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