Inafune: “Capcom said nothing but sequels”

Keiji Inafune, former head of development for Capcom recently had a seminar where he talked to the students at Kyoto’s Ritsumeikan University in Japan.

Inafune believes that breaking the rules may have saved Capcom from failure. Capcom had set in a rule saying that due to risk, only sequels would be granted instead of new IP’s. Inafune went on to develop games like Dead Rising and Lost Planet via Capcom’s prototype budget even against their denial, and ended up getting the titles greenlit for official production. He said that he was fully prepared to be fired if the games ended up as failures. They both went on to sell millions of copies around the world, thus kind of changing the precedent.

In the end, Inafune believes that ignoring the company rule may have saved it from financial collapse, and that they should be more willing to take risks. He also said that Japan needs to look to releasing games not only in Japan because it is such a smaller userbase, but to the west and rest of Asia, specifically China as it has a huge untapped market.

You can check out the whole story here.

No wonder Capcom seemed to sellout their hit franchises. All of those Street Fighter games, Mega Man spin-off sequels, etc. Now I wish they would return to the awesome that was PowerStone. Come on Capcom, please?


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