[Update]Rumor: New Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

Well after just posting that rumored news of the XD port to 3DS (which is looking really fake since it uses a prototype 3DS…) now 2 images of what looks to be a Mystery Dungeon game have surfaced on imageboard 2chan. The screenshots shows 5th generation Pokémon Oshawott, Druddigon, and Tepig. These two images look more legit than previous images, although there is always the possibility that they are faked. However, it’s been a while since we had a new Pokémon mystery dungeon game so there is a chance of this being legit.

Update: 2 more images. Looks like Excadrill! Starting to look even more legit!


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5 Responses to [Update]Rumor: New Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

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  4. Marla Sison says:

    i will be happy if there is a new release of pokemon mystery dungeon like the black and white, and very happy if i can get all the legendary pokemon in one game with challenges that does not include of lowering of levels to 1. ……from a boy in the philippines…

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