Update: Official E3 Expo Twitter hints at new Nintendo console

Various gaming sites are reporting about Nintendo’s rumored new console:


Multiple sources have confirmed to Game Informer that Nintendo will reveal a new console between now and E3 2011 in June.

Game Informer’s sources say the console is capable of running games at “HD resolutions,” though it is unclear whether not it will be as powerful as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Our sources have said the console’s power will be greater than or equal to the PlayStation 3. Nintendo is reportedly showing the console to publishers to garner interest for a late 2012 launch.

Sources tell IGN that Nintendo will release a pre-announcement this month with a full reveal expected at E3. Sources say the console will be backwards compatible with current Wii software.


Furthermore, we’ve heard that the machine will be more powerful than current-gen systems, meaning Nintendo, currently backing a Wii that is weaker in horsepower than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, will be showing a new console that is more powerful than those current competitors.

Could it be? Tune in June 7th and see…. http://fb.me/G77gvduy

I think it’s totally possible for Nintendo to reveal their next console this E3. Nintendo seems to release their consoles every 5 years. SNES in 1991, N64 in 1996, Gamecube in 2001, and Wii in 2006.

The Wii was first revealed at E3 2005, so I think the system will be announced this E3 and then released sometime next year. I don’t think Nintendo will release it in Spring 2012, but more power to them if they do. I’ll be picking it up day one as usual.

Source: E3 Expo Official Twitter


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