Nintendo 3DS Launches at Midnight!

With just 14 hours to go in central time, the hype is already building in my body for this new tech. As you can tell, 3DS seems to be the main focus of this blog since it is the system that brings the most news. Just like the 7th generation with the DS, Nintendo will once again be starting the 8th generation with the 3DS.

I am very excited and will be heading to a GameStop in Houston that is doing the midnight launch. I *might* take pictures of the crowd, but I want to be in the line kind of early, although I’m not planning to leave until 11. As long as I get my system I’ll be fine!

Lets hope the 8th generation of videogames is as good as the 7th generation has been!


About MidnightScott
I am a huge Nintendo fan, but I also own a PS3. I love video games, anime, music, movies, and the internet! The 3DS is really awesome and I'm looking forward to playing more fun and unique games in the future.

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