Devil Survivor 2…for DS

Well, in an interesting move, this weeks issue of Famitsu Magazine revealed a sequel to Devil Survivor for the Nintendo DS. I found it kind of odd that Atlus would do such a thing, however, the Nintendo DS has the biggest userbase in the world. So it makes sense…Atlus can always port it over to the 3DS just like they are doing with the first game.

– invaders known as the “Septentrion” suddenly attack Japan one Sunday
– they attack every single day after that
– 13 demon summoners must take down the enemies in 7 days
– the main character is a third year student at a school in Tokyo
– he finds out his powers after getting caught up in the mess on the way home from taking a test
– Io is in the same grade as the main character, and is quite gifted and admired
– Daichi is the main character’s friend, but doesn’t seem to think about thinks too deeply
– gameplay combines simulation with command battle element
– obtain new demons through demon auctions
– “Enishi System” has something to do with ties to your friends
– Kenji Ito on sound
– main character designs are from Durarara’s Suzuhito Yasuda
– Mohiro Kitou is doing the designs for the Septentrion invaders
– due out this Summer in Japan

Source: Andriasang


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