I got Pokémon Black!

First I went to Walmart at midnight…no one was in the electronics and the game wasn’t on the shelf. I was there to get some groceries anyway.

Then I went to GameStop because it said they were opening at 9 AM. It was 9:15 and I called and the guy was like “we are opening at 10.” I got there before he even did, jerk.

So I called the other GameStop and was gonna drive there and I forgot there was a Target. I forgot that Target was giving a bonus art folio with it, and I got that for free much to my surprise. Yay…

Yes, I know I am crazy but I don’t care! *maniacal laughter*

View the art folio contents after the break & a short video clip.


About MidnightScott
I am a huge Nintendo fan, but I also own a PS3. I love video games, anime, music, movies, and the internet! The 3DS is really awesome and I'm looking forward to playing more fun and unique games in the future.

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