Treasure Report: The Mechanized Legacy

Professor Layton fever has spread around Japan, and finally to Namco Bandai with this new puzzle/adventure game for the DS, showing that companies are still committed to the record-selling system.

Yukinori Kitajima, author of Okamiden and the critically acclaimed visual novel 428, created Treasure Report’s scenario. The story begins with the world looking for a wealthy man’s inheritance who left a fortune to find if you can solve his riddles. Newspaper reporter John Evans steps up to the challenge. He’s joined by rookie camerawoman Emily Smith, a mysterious boy named Nino and his dog Poochie.

Treasure Report: The Mechanized Legacy is divided into three parts: story, investigation, and puzzle solving. Famitsu explains the mystery is geared for adults and it has plenty of animated scenes to liven up the plot. In the investigation phase players use the stylus to inspect suspicious points. After you find clues you need to put them together and play with contraptions to solve puzzles. One puzzle has wheels inside of a triangle and it appears you have to turn them. Another puzzle has a cube to play with and there is a puzzle reminiscent of the letter lock seen in the Da Vinci Code.

Yasunori Mitsuda is composing the game’s music and Gurihiru studios is handling character design. Treasure Report: The Mechanized Legacy is slated for May 20 in Japan.

Wow the game sounds pretty interesting. I love pretty much anything that is similar to Adventures like Ace Attorney & Hotel Dusk. Hope Namco Bandai sees this fit to come to the US. I mean look at the characters names, totally English.

Source: Siliconera

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