More English Pokémon BW Names

As we get closer to release, more localized names from the upcoming Pokémon Black & White games for Nintendo DS are being leaked onto the internet. I just finished working on a page earlier today, so far it only has the new Pokémon on it with their English & Japanese names as well as their types. Check it out here.

Cities/Towns (Note: The cities/towns have a cloud theme)

  • Nuvema Town (Kanoko)
  • Striaton City (Sanyou)
  • Nacrene City (Shippou)
  • Castelia City (Hiun)
  • Nimbasa City (Raimon)
  • Undella Town (Sazanami)
  • Lacunosa Town (Kagome)
  • Opelucid City (Souryuu)
  • Icirrus City (Sekka)
  • Mistralton City (Fukiyose)
  • Driftveil City (Hodomoe?)

Gym Leaders

  • Cilan (Dento), Chili (Poddo), Cress (Koon)
  • Lenora (Aloe)
  • Burgh (Atei)
  • Elesa (Kamitsure)
  • Clay (Yakon)
  • Skyla (Furou)
  • Brycen (Hachiku)
  • Drayden (Shaga) (Black version)
  • Iris (White version)


  • Geechisu (N’s father) is called Ghetsis (which I think is just romanized?)


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