Retro Studios and Hideki Konno to hold GDC keynotes

Hideki Konno (Nintendo):

Wednesday 1:30- 2:30
For many years Hideki Konno has produced, and been involved with, a number of Nintendos games, including the MARIO KART and NINTENDOGS series. Recently, for the first time in his career, he was assigned the role of overall producer for new Nintendo hardware: the Nintendo 3DS system. Mr. Konno will discuss how he has dealt with the challenges of developing the successor to Nintendo DS while, at the same time, being deeply involved in the software creation process of nintendogs+cats as the games producer.

Retro Studios: (Bryan Walker (Retro Studios), Michael Kelbaugh (Retro Studios) and Kensuke Tanabe (Nintendo) Thursday 9:00-10:00:

The process of game design is never easy. But it gets even more complicated when the needs of a global audience are considered, and development spans an ocean. The hit game DONKEY KONG COUNTRY Returns was created in tandem by Retro Studios in Texas and Nintendo’s development department in Kyoto. Nintendo’s Kensuke Tanabe, who specializes in such overseas collaborations, as well as Retro Studios’ Michael Kelbaugh and Bryan Walker, will jointly discuss how different minds on different continents can combine to create a title that has global appeal.

Retro Studios


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